Sunday, October 16, 2011

cobblestone, soy milk, castles...oh, my:)

today we planned on being up early and at the top of the castle byyyyyy 8AM. Sooooo around 2PM we made it to the top;)
This is why we don't like committing to 'times';)

UP too cute not to stop and take a photo of! "No Worries" is right:)

UP we found a super cute little garden...or something:)

UP and then took tons of photos of ourselves in it...gotta love that self timer:)

UP and we finally made it to the top! Ice Cream was involved:)

jacob's photos:)

i love Jacob's camera angle!!

UP/DOWN but he does tend to get some really great/accidental shots:)

besides walking around today, we found stamps and did a bit of grocery shopping. We accumulated some things for our fridge:
- meat
- cheese
- bread
- Honey Balls (Granada's version of Smacks cereal:)
- drinkable strawberry yogurt (mistaken for milk for our Honey Balls!!)
- soy milk (also mistaken for normal milk for our Honey Balls...but soy will do:)

another successful day in Granada but it's not over quite yet. We plan to go downstairs for a small Tapas supper. I went down there this morning and had some hot chocolate milk - which reminded me of the stuff mom/sometimes dad makes on opening morning of deer hunting:) SOOOOOO good!!! And I also had a ham/cheese and tomato sandwich. I think I may have the same exact thing again. Just waiting for them to open after 8PM. Yep...a late dinner but we're SO excited for it:):)

the Honey Balls and soy just aren't going to do it tonight;)
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