Friday, July 30, 2010

the fun side.

photos courtesy of Katie Day Photo - Nicole & Jeremy: Epic Vintage Eclectic Wedding

today may be an 'emotional' day for me. I mean, I feel just fine. A bit tired...the 2 glasses of wine I had with my lady friend last night had the opposite effect of what I wanted...deep sleep.

either way. I cried my way through both these weddings. Not sure if it's the lovely way the photographer described the first bride/couple. Or just seeing other lovely couples out there that have the most fun together and you can just really relate to how much they love each other.

arg. Makes me miss Jacob. Although I was lucky enough to see him at 0445 this morning when he handed me my facial scrub while I was in the shower (I only had to yell 4 times to get him out of bed for it) and then again 45 seconds later when I realized I needed a towel (just long enough for him to crawl back into bed and get super cozy...poor thing;). I guess I was not as prepared as I thought to finally shower at home after 4 months of having to do the deed at my mom and dad's. I'll save those super details for the next post...called - The Shower is finally showerable so I shall let Jacob live.

onto the festiveness below. There are SO many details. It's almost overwhelming but they work SO perfectly that you just don't really feel dizzy or like vomiting when seeing all the smiles and color and streamers and lights - I mean, it honestly made me a bit afraid to scroll down for fear that there would be a clown lurking near the gift table in one of the photos. NOT cool.....but this's all good and fun:)

photos courtesy of Katie Day Photo - Andrew Loves Tara: The Wedding
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