Friday, July 30, 2010

it's been kicked.

unfortunate news to pass along.
Grams did in fact kick it. Crazy. It's bizarre. We knew it was going to was inevitable. But the whole, she's here - she's's hard to process. I know because of the Alzheimer's she's been gone for quite some time and that paired with my inability to be completely serious at any time and the fact that situations like this only amplify my super inappropriate sense of humor...all that has kinda cushioned the blow.
I mean...the whole thing has been like an hour in church and I can't swear. It's not possible. Luckily for me I think having a bit of humor around in this case has helped.

all in all, I'm glad she' s done and we should count her lucky cause according to Marion, her white-haired roomie at the nursing home, the red-headed nurse was a bitch.;) Thanks for letting us know Marion!!!!:)

peace out Grandma B. I'll miss your pinches (even though they were seriously seriously...painful stuff!;)
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