Friday, April 27, 2012

week 38:)

i had actually decided I was going to skip the Week 38 update...until this morning:) I was feeling better. 

had a weeeee bit of a breakdown last night:)...long story shortttttt: 
Subway was out of their amazing soft cookies on my way home from a frustrating appointment Thursday, where my weight was another unpleasant surprise and I was sure my doctor thought he was meeting me for the first time. I managed to have a very small cry on the way home and thought all was good. Fast forward 4 hours and I was sobbing in Jacob's arms...talking crazy about how Subway was out of those soft cookies and I was sure it was a sign from Jesus that I was a fat piece of shit yeah. If we weren't so far into the game, I would add another subject to these weekly updates: Breakdowns;)

but pulled it together today and thought, we have 2 weeks left...2 bump updates...I can do this:)

for real though people. I feel amazing and when I look in the mirror...I really DO only see good things. So it's not about the 'weight'. I figure it's about things I can't control and the changing and the unknown and when my pants from 8 months ago don't fit...I'm not upset about not being skinny...maybe I'm missing who that person was who fit into those pants 8 months ago!?

anyways. Having a baby is kindaaaaaa a big deal;) And we couldn't be happier about what's to come. It's just getting there and howwww we're going to get there and what's going to happen and WHEN it's going to happen. And we're at the point where you're kinda's it gonna happen!? Where? When?! EEEEKKKKK. And luckily that anticipation is exciting enough to make you forget that when that dealio starts...there's a bit of pain I hear;)

AND I'm clinging to the fact that Mal gets paid the week of my Due Date. Which means she'll be getting something super cute for the baby, to bring to the hospital (I LOVE surprises...and gifts;). And if all I have to do is let this baby tear through me in order to get a couple stuffed animals and adorable baby outfits only hours after...totally worth it. Right?!;)

due date
may 10, 2012:)
my doc said May 11th at my appointment yesterday. He's dead now;)

not gonna lie...feels a bit heavier than normal...really putting some weight on my nether region.
- at my appointment I started talking crazy about how I was sure immediately after we checked to see if the baby was breech last week (which it wasn't) flipped. Positive. Kinda...maybe not. I'm probably crazy. BUT they offered to bring the machine in and check - which I really hadn't even considered doing but my nurse, Ann, is SO super cool...- SO they check. And wouldn't you know it...I AM crazy. Baby is down. I mean...really down:)

sooooo nothing has changed. Arg. I was hoping I'd go in there 10 days later and there would have been a mistake. There would have been yellow tape around the old scale and a fancy new one there and they'd tell me that the old scale was 4lbs. OFF! Crazy thing!!!!
But nope. 
We're at 183lb and my body is laughing in my face: oh, you thought we were done with the weight are one silly, weight-gaining fool.

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN (so far): 43lbs.

still rocking the maxi dresses. Love, LOVE, LOVEeeeeee them. I recommend them - and a long cardy to cover that asssss - to EVERYONE. 
Check below...I have a link to one I recently got at Target:)

baby buys
i mayyyyy have gotten a few things in the last week. 

1/ i ordered a few small things from Target: hair spray, mascara, foundation
I replaced all my old stuff so that I would have a 2nd set for the hospital...yes, I'm that ridiculous:)
 BUT my old stuff was really getting to this was not completely unnecessary.

2/ another great maxi dress:)
thinking I mayyyy need another one...maybe.

3/ finally got some slippers with backs on them. VERY comfy. AND super cheap. 
Although, my mom already had to thread the side back together. Arg. BUT I still love um':)

4/ we got the baby changing pad for the baby dresser.

5/ and our 2nd car seat base.

6/ and then just today: cloth diapers.
we ordered 5...and then we'll see how much we like them when they arrive and order more based on what we think:)

UP we did get some mail from a friend with an adorable book! WE LOVE books here at the Smith Household! Thanks so much!!!!:)

UP/DOWN just a few small snap shots...above - from today. below - from this week:)
I just loved too many photos this week:)

thanks to mom for taking the photos today! Courts was, again, too busy with work. She works sometimes...weird thing;)

my next appointment is already on these next few days are really going to fly by. I work all weekend AND we're having a little Wine Night with girlfriends on Saturday. And lots more planned in the week ahead - which includes getting my hair colored and trimmed and a pedicure and good food with some great lady friends! Who knew having a baby would enable me to come up with SO many excuses to pamper myself;) WHICH kinda makes me think I should surprise Jacob with something...hmmm. 

AND we have some other, personal projects, that we're up to and if everything falls together like I'm HOPING it does...I'll have more good news (good for us...interesting and another time consuming read for you;) in the coming weeks! All you need to do is cross your fingers and toes for us in the mean time and think good thoughts:)
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