Thursday, May 3, 2012

week 39:)

so I cried on the way home from work today because it occurred to me that our baby will have a birthday and for some reason this seemed SO important. I love birthdays. Our baby will have one. Which day will it be? For the rest of his life, he'll have this day. The day he came to be. 
This in no way makes me emotional at the moment. But as I'm passing people on that short length of 2-lane highway bet they wondered what that looney's problem was;)

we are 7 days away from our due date and I'm a ticking time bomb. As is this baby:) 
It doesn't take much to set me off. A harmless phone call from Jacob did the job today. It ended with me informing him that I didn't want to know anything negative. If it didn't pertain to Chewy Sprees, miniature baby hippos, kittens, daisy's, rainbows or any and all foods I love being at home waiting for me...I didn't want to know and he should make it go away.

and then I cried in my cubicle. Quietly. Pulled it together and made it through the rest of the day:)

seven days till the due date and I'm confident we'll make it to that day. This is not even close to upsetting. Seven days is not near enough time for me to wrap my mind around what is coming...but I'll take it. So stay cozy baby. I'm cool with being your home for another 7 days:)

due date
may 10, 2012:)
or less...or more:)

you know how I said it was heavy last week? Um, yeah. It's heavier. I wasn't expecting heavier but it proves to be heavier every day. 
Walking is difficult, to say the least. 
I feel like I have to pee. Now. Yep. All.The.Time. And then the FUNNY PART - no pee comes out. Just sit there. No pee. Just the feeling that I have to pee. 
Good times...about 100 times a day:)

UP a little video Jacob and I took the other night of the baby moving around. This little guy has not slowed down. This makes us happy little campers...and creeped out campers sometimes. I mean...for real. This thing almost gets out sometimes;)

i managed to lock it up and was still 183 at my appointment Tuesday! YAY for me:)
But because I have no self control...things may have gotten out of hand since. SO my appointment this coming Tuesday may prove to be another shocker. Lets hope not...I can't imagine much worse things than a 7lb weight gain during the last week of this pregnancy;)

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN (so far): 43lbs.

what matches cankles?!

baby buys
this week was a slow buys. Unless you count getting my hair colored an investment in the baby. Which I do:) So there's that. AND I need some clothes for this little guy. SO heading out to get some plain white onsies tomorrow:) Until we know exactly what we're dealing with here (girl...boy...), we'll have to keep it simple!

thanks to Courts for grabbing some photos of me today! I'm way too impatient lately, so she had to get these pretties quite quickly. And she did a perfect job!:)

and now...7 days till baby. 7 days till I'm off of work. Am I anxious for baby? - kinda..kinda want to meet the little guy. Give it a name. Hang out;) 
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