Tuesday, January 17, 2012

week 24:)

i am totally 6 months pregnant. TOTALLY! That's actually a proven fact. Happening. IN ME. Baby. Yeah.

today's a good day. Most are (but there are some that are not...um..yeah, those days exist and are weird and blah and not fun...not so much days...maybe moments?!) :) But today is especially good. Only 3 more months till we meet this little creeper that's been making my body it's home for the last 6 months;)

can't WAIT to meet you baby and see you and see that you're healthy and have all your fingers and no tail (even though your dad thinks that would be SO cool..grrr;) and my eyes and his nose (please baby maker...spare this child the Bieze nose;), my TEETH...my teeth, your dad's ability to take everything in stride...


we're doing well and feeling good and this baby is kicking up a storm daily! Probably one of the best things this baby does is remind me, daily, that it's here:)

due date: may 10, 2012:)

boy or girl: could go either way at this point:)
BUT feel like it's a boy...still. BUT is it bad that I'm pulling for a girl cause I'm SO in love with our girl names!?:)

names: names are officially decided on! WHOOO HOOO!!!:) We've got 2 boy names and 2 girl names. Full.Names. First and Middle:) Lots of family names being used and we couldn't be more excited.
I'm only a bit sad that we'll have to wait to use ALL of them...I love them all so much:)

PS: sorrrrryyyy, we're keeping all names super secret till all baby making is done...wait. Do over.
SUPER secret till our familyyyy is complete:)

belly: can I just say that the size of my 6 month belly MAY be my most favorite so far!? It's freaking adorable. Or so I think. Which is why there are so many photos of it on this post. I just couldn't decide:)

weight: i had an appointment last Thursday. I weighed-in at 160. Anddddd I was totally happy with that. My goal of 159 was SO close and I'll take it:) Mind you, my doc (who I love), mentioned my weight gain. AGAIN! Damn him!
SO I have an appointment in 3 weeks and I'm determined to keep the weight gain at 2lbs. Doable?! You betcha.

food intake has been good and healthy thus far. AND I started my Water Aerobics class yesterday night and it was.Amazinggggg. Felt incredible to be weightless for an hour;) I feel really good about proving to my doc that I'm not a fatty...and if I'm unable to prove this...well, he's been warned to ignore the numbers;)

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN (so far): 20lbs.

wardrobe: ahhhhh. Having A LOT of luck with outfits over the last few days! EEEEkkkkkk:) Even though my cardy's are hardly fitting anymore...I'm still layering them and liking the look and the dresses as tops are finally working better with a larger bump...and yes, things are just looking pretty much cute over here;)

while in the Cities I didn't find anything to add to my wardrobe - which is soooo okay. But I did find a dress that I thought would work for my baby shower (if I feel like being dresssssy) or a wedding reception we have in April:)

baby buys: ummmm...a few more things have been added to the household.

UP while in the Cities I grabbed this huge piggy bank - UM...adorable and only $10 and as you can see, from the wine bottle comparison (ohhhh wineeee...me misses you;), it's HUGE!
And I also grabbed a few hangers because....we'll need them!?

*both items from Home Goods Store*

the idea for the hangers is below. They'll be out in the open, so I thought...the cuter the better:)
AND they were only $4...but going to be looking for a few more the next time I'm over there, that was the last pack and I could have used 2 more.

UP photo via Pinterest
UP i ordered this perfect little cradle from Amazon Sunday night and I'm already in love. It could be 50% as good as the photo and I think I'd still be completely happy with it!!! I haven't broken the news to Jacob yet, but if this comes in the mail by Friday...we've got plans for Friday night...cradle construction;)

UP see the little creeper in the right corner?;)

courts and I were talking while taking these photos and I was telling her that I just feel like things are so great right now. In fact, they have been great for some time. *sigh:)* I said that this is usually the time I start getting nervous...waiting for the ball to drop. But then Jacob and I decided that mayyyybeeeee things just are so great because we're able to let the 'bad things' seem not so bad...
Okay...what I'm trying to say is that maybe we don't have to wait for the 'bad' thing to happen. Maybe bad things are happening all the time but we don't let them affect us like we may have in the past.

POINT: it's all good in the neighborhood and we should just enjoy:)

PS: thanks to Courts for some more amazing photos!!!:)
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