Friday, January 11, 2013

month 8:)

our boy is eight months old. 

humdy dum. How about that...he aged. Something I've, specifically, told him wasn't allowed. Already rebelling;)

sooooo is it weird that all I've been doing is thinking about death these last few weeks?!?!? Oh yeah. Shit just got deep;) I'm sure it's a whole slew of things:
- just recently closing on our brand new house (that also needs a much needed and expensive whole body serious surgery folks;)
- now having 2 mortgages
- selling our car and becoming a one vehicle household
- i'll be turning 30 in just over 3 months
- my child is getting older by.the.minute and there's not a damnnnnn thing I can do about it and the other day I actually starting thinking about what I was going to do for his first birthday and then I passed out...or at least I think I did...I woke up somewhere in the house I didn't remember going (I KID!! I stopped doing that a few years back and it always involved Peach Schnapps;).

oh, Homer. How am I going to explain myself to you someday;)?

these faces just cracked me up;)

and Homer got a Wookie for Christmas from his Uncle Dave and even though that voice/sound coming from it is pure ridiculousness. It's pretty darn hilarious and I think we'll keep him;)

in all seriousness...I try not to think about such serious things, as death. EW. I don't even like saying that. But you have to acknowledge that time is passing by at a rapid pace and Homer has only turned up the speed!!! It's scary:( BUT should be a daily/constant reminder that this is it. We MUST make the best of it...and by make the best of it...don't settle and be HAPPY and do it all and do it well:)

something fun I do with Courts' kids when I pick them up from school is to ask them to tell me something positive that has happened to them that day. And now that we've been doing it for quite some time...they usually start blabbing positivity before I even ask;)
I can usually come up with something amazing to tell them about my day, like: I didn't have to work. It was nice enough for a walk. Homer slept through the night. I showered;)
But then one of the kiddos tells me that they're happy because they had amazing tater tots for lunch and we all high five and don't get much better than that:)

i can't wait to do that with Homer:)

also...a few tidbits that we've been up to recently:

making Homer some healthy food. Which in turn, makes me feel like a super mom cause it is a bit of work but totally worth it:)

and I'm adding to Homer's book collection all the time! Most recently, You're Different and That's Super. Seeing as Homer came from the likes of Jacob and I...this book will probably come in handy;)

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