Monday, January 14, 2013


i'm a wee bit behind - forgive me (you will;). And I'll get us caught-up this week:)

i'm joining some great ladies in taking 52 photos, 1 each week, for the rest of the year. And it can be of anything of your choosing:)

buffaloes & butterflies and bleubird are doing portraits of their kiddos:)
sunnylit style is doing fashion-related photos:)

i chose to do one of Jacob and I. I take a MILLION photos of Homer - as you can tell;) And Jacob and I don't do toooo bad on getting photos together pretty often but I thought this would be fun and we're gonna come up with new and annoying ways to show ourselves off to you once a week! 
*please don't block my blog for fear that you'll eventually hate our annoying asses - I'll keep it semi-fun*


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