Friday, January 18, 2013

2/52 and 3/52

i think we all know how I roll...we roll in late. Most everyyyy time. sorry. Kinda:) SO it shouldn't come as a shock that I'm a week behind already in Week3. Jeez!

just recently Jacob and I had a little 'Date Day' and it was soooooo freaking awesome. We normally get a Date Night in every month or so but with nursing Homer and such, there was still a bit of a time crunch. This time we booted Homer for the whole day and did a little lot of shopping:/ Thing is...I make bad decisions while shopping on my own (can you imagine if I drank prior to those Target trips!?!?!;)...when Jacob and I are together shopping...ohhhhh, shit be Out.Of.Control. For real. We're all child-free, leaving our hands open to be held as we wander the Mall and we're just all relaxed and have that 'on top of the world feeling'. And then he wants something. And then I find 12 small things that equal that one expensive hunting thing he wants. And then we hug...and then...we buy:/

it's all good though. And totally worth it because we're wise enough to know that those full Date Days don't get to happen too being a little careless with the checkbook every  couple months won't kill us:)



life is good (serious understatement:).
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