Friday, January 18, 2013

homer goodness:)

i'll keep my mouth slightly closed on this post because there a ton of photos for you to enjoy!

here's Homer's face in December!!!:)

the boy is aboutttt as photogenic as his mom! Poor kid;)

we've really been doing a lot with food in the last month! I've been making food for Homer with the Baby Bullet and he seems to really love it! We don't puree everything...I do boil some of the harder stuff for him and cut it into chunks but he really seems to love all those fresh fruits and veggies! He actually hasn't ate much more than a handful of jarred baby food, which I feel really good about - I should probably mention that he's we've probably ate my weight in Mac and Cheese though:/ - we can't be perfect ALL the time;)

but besides that, Homer has his meals with us. When I Jacob makes something, we just make sure to include something that Homer could eat. Something softer, smaller, etc. And life is soooooo much easier when Homer is eating on his own. Firstly, he enjoys picking up his own food and doing it on his own:) He's completely occupied and it's amazing how quickly we forgot what it was like to eat a meal...from start to's sooooo weird;)

 i've been told I can't put him in tighty-pants anymore:( Sad day! They are adorable!!!!;)

here's a little video of Homer eating a puff! As you can hear, I'm his biggest fan;)
And I'm shamelessly trying to get him to say 'mama';)

homer's not quite 22lbs. That's my guess, he has an appt. in February. But he is super sick of being strapped into the carry-car seat. SO we'll be investing in something like THIS very very soon:)

so December was another amazing month with this kid!!! I just can't believe how much he's grown. It doesn't hit me until I'm looking back through photos of when he first arrived and it seems like a life time ago. I can't remember him being anything other than the way he is RIGHT THIS SECOND! And I'm sure in a couple months I'll have forgotten that he was ever a 9 month old baby:(

oh. And he throws fits sometimes. Oh jeez. I think he has my emotional instability. This is...unfortunate;) Overallllllll, he's the happiest boy and we couldn't be luckier!:)
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