Friday, January 18, 2013


while on our 'Date Day' we stumbled into a super cute store - I love when that happens:) SO many neat things to be seen at Earthbound Trading Company.

POINT: we now need a big hand at our new house. That's happening:)

if I remember correctly, this was about $100 (a bit less). But I think it'd be totally worth it. I have no clue what I'd do with it or where I'd put it. BUT a necessity! Luckily, my looney husband agrees;)

i did get myself a little necklace. Not this one but super cute and only $12.

my Friend's birthday is coming up and for some reason this reminded me of her:) I have something else in mind for her, so I passed on this one but it's adorable.

we also got 2 prints for Homer's future-new room:) Jacob picked out the one above. He wants Homer to be super smart;) And I picked out one that shows you how to make shadow puppets. Um...yes. That's where my expectations are. I've set the bar for Homer at Shadow Puppets;)


  1. Where is this place? I need to look at your blog on my computer and not bens phone!!! I LOVE the artwork ideas. May have to steel them ;). -Rachel

    1. HEYY!!!:) Steal away! They're super cute and were on sale for $20 each. They are large too and on nice canvases!:) This store was at the Mall in Eau Claire but there are other locations!


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