Sunday, January 20, 2013

me likes. grey leggings

on our recent 'Date Day', Jacob and I did a little of my few purchases were these grey jeggings. I really love them and am already trying to come up with ways to style them with things I already have in my closet. I've got a lot of Spring and Summer ideas but wasn't sure on how to use them the rest of the winter. 

for those of you who appreciate and love all things fashion, this post will be fun. For those of you who don't...I suggest you move on about your day and never look back cause I'm about to get all sorts of annoying;)

PS. i'm going to try to make this a reoccurring theme! Something like:

me likes. pleather leggings
me likes. apple bottom jeans
me likes. boots with the fur
me likes. swim suits that make my body look like I never had a child

just a few examples!;) And I'll try, like this post, to include things that I've already bought and currently own. AND...not to get too ambitious or anything - cause I hateeee that shit;) - I'm hoping that once I actually put one of these outfits together...I'll post that too! Just to prove that I actually left the house in some of this stuff that I'm investing all of Homer's college education money in;)

                  AE - Jegging $24.99

i was inspired by Sunnylit Style's most recent post to do a bit of a fashion post here too (PS. she actually knows what she's doing over there with fashion:). I have a lot of clothes...lots. Unfortunately, I don't use them to their full potential and especially now that I'm down to 24 hour work weeks, only about 8 of those hours being face to face with coworkers...I'm slacking. I was actually thinking that maybe I should just bite the bullet and invest in 10 new pair of black yoga pants and sneakers cause that's basically what I've been living in:/

POINT: our boy, Homer, is now almost 9mths old. I've got this 'mom' thing down;) there's no more excuses. I need to get my ass styled up on a daily least a handful of times a week:)

and it doesn't have to be hard! Minimal effort can be made and still get me leaving the house looking even a little less frumpy!!

the following are boards that other people put together and I found through Polyvore. There are a lot of things I love about some boards and some that only have a few items/looks that I cared for. But all are just ideas to get the jeggings on me and out into the world;)

You're beautiful!
PolyvoreYou're Beautiful
      Steve Madden - Troopa Boots $99.95

doing these posts is going to be a bit of a risk. Mostly, because I think I'm going to lengthen my Wants List! Each inspiration I found, only led me to more things I started thinking I wanted! Shiat!!!!

the above boots have been on my Wants List for quite some time and it was awesome to see how well they could work with my new pants too!

i just love Zara!!! I don't think they ship to the United States, luckily. But Jacob and I got to go in-store when we were in Spain, which was so much fun! Hoping they do ship here, eventually...those heels alone are reason enough to save till that day!

and that blue. Yep. No real neeeeeddd for a cobalt blue blazer...but it's soooo prettyyyyyy;)

Casual outfit.

these 2 outfits should work perfectly because I already have the white sneakers to go along with them - not so much for this winter but in the Spring.

             Converse Jack Purcell $55
Untitled #29
$80 -

okay...this probably isn't on every one's Wants List...but just recently...I started to love the idea of some High Tops!!! eeeeeeeeee!!!!

you're gonna want to hurt me...BUT I also have the black Converses. Oops;)

adding healthy Long Hair and adorable Leather Jacket to the Wants List:)

Sem título #21

Untitled #1016

anotherrrrrr item on the Wants List and has been for quite some time....Leopard Print Ballet Flats. Arg. I knowwww. Super trendy but just something I want in the closet. I wear a lot of plain greys and blacks. I think these would help spice things up every once in a while:)

and the pair below, from Forever21, are the amount of money you want to be spending for something you're not quite sure about yet.

             Leopard Ballet Flats $16.80

this photo just reminded me of my sister, Courts;) BUT it's also a super cute outfit too!

Relaxed School Day
School Day

i want the shirt and hair in this one:) I should mention that I also have troubles styling my hair...especially now that I chopped it off. SO I sit around most days waiting for it to be long again:)


2 more things to add to my Wants List: fancy shirt for work and that great jacket. This is a great work option for me. We can't wear jeans but I feel like I could get away with this. And even if I didn't get away with it...having an awkward conversation about the difference between 'jeans' and 'jeggings' with my boss could be totally worth it;)
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