Tuesday, January 22, 2013

homer wear:)

on day 4 of the week that I'm supposed to be finding the motivation to get up before Homer, do yoga, make breakfast, shower, do my hair...

yeah...I would say that I've actually had more breakdowns than showers. I guess the real deal is: this is BLEEPING hard. It's easy to make a pretty list and get excited...and then you balance the checkbook. And your baby decides to start getting up an hour BEFORE your early alarm. And you suck at cooking...eggs...everything. And WI is too cold to even allow you to leave the house. And your Internet decides to stop working for 24 hours (YES...that SUCKS!!!!!) and they want you to unscrew the plate of the...what?...unplug the who?!...what the shit is a modem and I have a screaming 8mth old on my hip who I decided to shut up with a strawberry while wearing my favorite white t-shirt!

i assume Tony, the innocent Charter Customer Service Rep, doesn't follow my blog. But if he did, I would say:
I'm sorry Tony. The F-word surely wasn't appropriate at 815AM and I feel awful that your day may have been going kindaaaa okay up to the point of our conversation. You didn't put that baby in my belly...and you surely shouldn't have taken the blame for that strawberry;)
BUT that cry I had after our conversation was exactly what I needed.
SO. Thank you;)

i'm guessing there may now be a 'red flag' on my file. And that is totally justified;)

POINT: it's good to have ideas and goals and hopes and dreams and it's really okay to feel like you're falling short. Give yourself that day where the bar is only set as high as getting out of bed and making your baby smile:) And then later...get back in bed and don't feel a damn bit guilty. Tomorrow friends. Tomorrow you can try again:)

Forgot to Make My Point...POINT: i pulled my shit together and life stopped sucking with a hug from Jacob on his break:) And so I'm gonna post some adorable photos of my handsome boy and hopefully this will make every one's day - if shitty - a little LESS shitty:)

i struggle to find the right outfit for myself sometimes...I'd LOVE to do a weekly fashion post on my own clothes...but yeah...it's hard. BUT one thing I actually do accomplish, is getting Homer dressed every day (mom of the year award;)! And I think we can all agree that this kid can't do much wrong...so I'll be trying to do a post every so often (like how I didn't commit to actually doing a regular post on this - this could very well be the first and last;)?!;) on his adorable attire:)

today he was feeling kinda travel/preppy. If he were walking and wearing shoes...he would have definitely had on a pair of converses ORrrr genuine italian leather loafers;)

i told him the over the shoulder pose was a bit much....butttt he insisted and I think he pulls it off quite nicely, wouldn't you agree?!;)

after the story above...you'd think I'd have chalked this day up to be shit. BUT it's been a good one. And it's only 2PM. So much day left and I plan on making the best of it...this kid won't allow anything less from me:)

onsie - Instagram(IG) store (check those out if you haven't already...they're like great 2nd hand stores!!) cardy - Target (similar-ish) pants - IG store (GAP - similar-ish)

for more adorable kids, wearing outfits that you wish you could pull off;) - check out Daily Smith Fashion!!
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