Tuesday, January 22, 2013

get it. 2013.

*DISCLAIMER* i wrote this post prior to my breakdown today...I wrote this post on a day I was feeling on top of the world...obviously;)
a friend made some goals for 2013 and it made me want to do the same!! If anything...this is just a pretty list that I can refer to when I need a kick in the ass!!! SO...do as they say:

"a year from now you will wish you had started today" - Karen Lamb

i'm a pile 5 of the 7 days of the week. Like...EW. I need to get my shit together and put all those clothes in my closet to good use! That's happening. Putting 'real' clothes and a face on before I leave the house...at least 3 times a week;)

I WANT SUMMER!!! That's when we do our most fun stuff! Walks every day. Beach get-togethers. And this year Homer's really going to enjoy it! Can't wait!!!:)

this is a big one for me. I want to get our days laid out a bit better. I think it'll be more helpful to Homer too:) We've already started getting him into a daily napping routine and it's helped him to get to bed earlier at night and sleep longer:) I was hoping we could just do whatever, whenever and Homer would just adjust BUT when it comes to sleep...some things can't be helped. We had to give in and realize that the boy needs his sleep and we may too;)

HOPE: no matter what the day holds...start it right, with a little work-out, shower and BREAKFAST:)

this one is what it is. I want to find something that will stick. I tried running this summer and I was never really able to get too far with it. I do enjoy a short jog a few times a week and do plan on doing that again when the warmer weather returns but I've always been a walker:) I walk almost ALL year round. But I just started Yoga and I'm hoping in a few years I can say...that I've been doing it for a few years;)

also. We started doing the smoothie thing and it's been amazing. I feel better already!!! Check out these amazing ladies for ways to get started:

and as crazy as it seems...Jacob and I have never really gotten into the routine of getting groceries. We've just never really had to! But with Homer around now...we need to get that into our monthly plan:)

this may be out of our hands at the moment...who knows when our current house will sell. And until it does..we're at a stand-still with our new home. BUT the unknown is somewhat exciting in this case! I think once this house sells, we'll finally be able to celebrate actually having our new place! I don't think we've really let it hit us that we got the house of our dreams yet! I look forward to packing our bags and beginning renovations!:)

to see some of our ideas for the new house, check me out on Pinterest:)

we want to expand this family. Yep, yep we do:) Can't wait for Homer to have a little brother or sister!!! All we can hope for is another amazing pregnancy and birth and a healthy little baby:) - i need to start showering and cleaning my ass up in order for that to happen;) See CLEAN UP above;)

2013 is a BIG...HUGE year for Birthday's in our little family! Both Jacob and I will be turning 30!!! Eeeekkkk. I doubt anything too crazy is going to go down for that but dinner, shopping and a possible tattoo and piercing will be involved...all tasteful people;)

and then there's the business of Homer turning ONE. Our teeny, tiny baby will be one and that makes me want to vomit:( End of story. BUT on a good note, we have lots of cute/fun ideas planned for his teeny, tiny birthday party:)

pending a possible pregnancy in 2013, we're not planning any huge trips this year. BUT Jacob and I have agreed that every year we will take at least one vacation. Traveling is very important to us.
This year we may have the opportunity to attend my cousin's wedding in Florida!!! I've never been and so I'm excited to make that happen and we have friends in Georgia...so we're hoping to make it a longer road trip! Homer will, of course, be riding along:)

there are a ton of other small road trips I'd like to take. Most within 4 hours of us. A zoo has been on the top of my list for a long time!!:)
jacob and I really want to set a good example for Homer. And doing some good things is high on our list of things to do in 2013. We want to just be better, more thoughtful people on a daily basis. But we really hope to pick a good cause and make it something that we donate to on a yearly basis:)

having our finances in order would help to move all those 'hopes' along and surely, make them a lot more feasible. SO our main goal for 2013 is to be Debt Free and stay that way! And I should clarify. By Debt Free, I mean that we would only have our mortgage. At this point, we are only 2 months away from that goal and that makes me extremely excited!! 

SO that's what I got for ya!! We're soooo excited about 2013 and our main hope is to just slow down and take everything in - I have a feeling that's going to be near impossible;)

hope 2013 rocks your socks off!!!!:)

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