Monday, January 28, 2013

naps. get yourself one.

once we discovered nap time...things actually started getting done around the house! It's an amazing 2-3 hours of silence and quiet-playing music and dishes and laundry and stuffing diapers and preparing a meal and blogging and returning phone calls and paying bills and peeinggggggg (my god, it's nice to pee without a screaming baby in the other room - OR right in front of me on the bathroom floor;).

i used to be 'one of those women' who was all: "this baby will not change our entire lives and he'll just sleep when he sleeps and we'll just do whatever and there will be no designated 'nap time' and we'll just roll with it".
And then I realized that he needed a set time to nap...or shit fell.a.part. 
SO it don't matter where we're at or what we're doing...we get home by Noon for a nap. Not only do we hussle home...but we do not know you during the hours of Noon and 3PM. Don't call me. Forget you ever knew me. Don't knock on my door. Don't even breath in the direction of our home. I will harm you physically if you wake this child;)

he woke up with this hair. Pure awesome.

the most fun part about nap time are those few precious moments after he first passes out and is resting on my shoulder and I almostttttt can't put him down:) And then I do put him down and he cries himself to sleep;)
BUT after he falls asleep, and I've checked on him countless times - does the fear of him never waking up EVER go away!?!?!? arg:) - I get to work on me-time:)

and now a video of how the 'wake-up' goes down!!!;) It takes a few minutes for Homer to start loving life again after his nap;) 

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