Monday, January 28, 2013

homer wear:)

one would like to think it's all rainbows, unicorns and precious-non shedding/chewing puppies around here. Alas, that it not the case at all times;)

sometimes Homer is the opposite of precious and I force him to do a photo shoot anyway...just to give y'all a taste of the 'real' Homer;)

my attempt to bribe him to happiness with puffs...failed;)

1 Instagram Shop (used/vintage)

and since we, basically, just changed to a different top the next day...another quick Homer Wear:)

1 Target - Oshkosh Sweater (was on super sale for about $4 - Target is having some awesome kids/baby clothes sales at the moment!:)

2 Children's Place - Straight Jean (Homer's were from a garage sale:)

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