Sunday, January 15, 2012

daily happenings:)

LOTS of little things have been going on lately. Mostly online shopping. BUT a lot of other little things you shall see:)

i ordered my Rosebud Salve (which is Smith's...random:) and it's really great. I've been chewing on my lips lately! Seriously, where do I pick up these sudden habits?! So this has been a lifesaver:)
ANDddddd now I'm hungry for lifesavers. Have I mentioned that this baby (ME) has been craving nothing but goodies!? And by goodies...I mean anything that will double my weight by the next appointment. FRICK!

our little Rosco chillin'. Just the way he's holding his paws...too cute. Had to get out the camera:)

mal and the boys talked me into doing some swimming on Thursday night! YAY! So nice to get into a bathing suit...oh, wait. Not really;) BUT it was a great time and was just the thing I needed to get me excited about my Water Aerobics, that start TOMORROW:)

the pool was unusually warm. And the sauna (which I just stood cooking of fetus happening here:) was unusually cool. Hmmm.

hellooooo baby bump...:) My breasts are getting bigger and my feet are getting smaller. Pregnancy is such an amazing process;)

friday morning I packed up the bump and took off for the Cities to visit my girl friend and shop for an area rug! I had found one on West Elm that I had planned on getting but then found this one at IKEA for $100 less. SO we went IKEA.

* i couldn't find a link to the area rug I bought. I'm guessing because it was on 'last chance' super won't be online anymore.

i wish I had a photo of us carrying this rug through the isles of IKEA. We looked like lovers moving into our first apartment together. Very special;)

HOLY HELL. Ignore the insane busy/mess/crazy that is currently my home!
- and doesn't the blue/gray rug look kinda good with the kitchen color and painting on the wall!?:)
- take note of the little white sheep skin rug also. Grabbed that at IKEA and really thought it was adorable and SO cozy:)

the rug was a 5x7. We were planning on going with an 8x10 but once you're in's SO hard to really envision what things are going to look like. SO now I'm thinking we needed the that we can scoot it under the couch a bit. BUT I like the rug we got and I plan to keep it. BUT we have a new plan...I just have to figure out what I want.

what we're going to do:
go get an 8x10 (which shouldn't be TOO bad because we were able to save a lot on the 5x7) and then layer the 2 rugs. I love the idea of something with some pattern and color. SO above is some inspiration. Although, in our case, we'll have the solid color on top:)

SO I've found this one below that fits what we're looking for. It's lacking color but it's thin and has some pattern, although simple. And it's well within our price range. HUGE.

and if we absolutely don't like it under our current fits the colors of our baby room perfectlyyyyyy. So we'll cross that off our list. We really can't lose in this situation;)

my lady friend and I also hit up a store that she really likes and thought I would enjoy too, so I grabbed a couple shots. I WISH I remembered what it was called. I will get back to you on that. But it was SO great and had so many things I wanted and I will surely be going back:)

SIDE NOTE: lovinggggg those rugs in the last shot. Man. I'm really obsessing about rugs lately:( They were a bit pricey...probably 3x5's or so for about $200. BOO. But eventually I'll be going back for one:)

SIDE NOTE(S): they had some Minnetonka boots there and that only re-reminded me of how much I've been wanting those for the last year or more. SO yeah. How does one get everything she wants;)

nasher-man in a basket, jamming out on the iPhone. This kid has some moves and I'm making it my mission to get that recorded this week!!;)

the bumble bee and spider man. Hardcore characters here! And nope, not a flashback of Halloween...just another day in January;)

i finally got Jax his gift from Christmas. Forgot about it and stumbled upon it in a bag in the corner of my room the other day.

WOW. This post is starting to make it sound like I shop daily and can't even keep up with the growing piles of shit that I'm purchasing...not the case. For real. Not the case!

this mask and cape cost a whopping $5. Worth every penny:)

that is that for now folks. We did have a bit more happening this weekend: A Christmas Party for Jacob's Family Business. We got a few fun shots from that and I can't wait to share:) Soon my pretties. Soon:)
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