Friday, January 4, 2013

sometimes we do things. big things.

a few months ago I went to an Estate Sale at a house that I've loved walking by for many years. I can, seriously, say that every time we walked by this house, Jacob and I would agree that, given the chance...we'd try to make that house our home.

today. right now. we own that house! It is ours and it brings tears to my eyes. I talk a lot about Jacob and our lives and I hope no one ever thinks I'm bragging or being an asshole when I say that things are good. Real good:) They are. But we've had our issues. Ew. They were not fun. But things are good now and settled and....right. 

the decision to get this house...felt right. Like all the other decisions Jacob and I have made, that have turned out to be the best things that have every happened to us (getting married, taking an amazing honeymoon, having Homer:), they always began by feeling right. Sounds ridiculous. But trusting our guts has not failed us yet. That's not to say that it's always been easy...some of those decisions (to have a babyyyyyyy, travel to a foreign country...alone) were scary. This was also a bit scary. We had NO plans to buy a house when the opportunity came up to buy this house. We already have a house. Yep. We still live in our current house and had put it up for sale only a month or so before we decided to buy this house! EEEEEEKKKK.

POINT: there are a lot of balls (why does that make me chuckle...ballsssss;) in the air right now. BUT I know it's going to work out. I know that this is exactly what's supposed to happen for us and we couldn't be happier:)

anyone in the market for an adorable little house!?!?!? We're willing to wheel and deal;)

we closed on the house Friday, December 28, 2012. We went to the house, armed with Chinese food, and ran walked around while records played in the back ground...

keep scrolling while I cry;')


we goofed around and talked about our future plans and the ideas we each have and picked our favorite rooms to take a photo in.

jacob loves the basement...his future play room:)

i love the master future nap room:)

what could be ordinary and everyday and maybe nothing short of an adventure because of this kid. As I'm typing, I can hear him downstairs giving our dog a hair cut. I won't leave the house with that dog for a month because of how ugly he will look after this 'hair cut'. Homer's fast asleep in his crib. And here I sit...smiling:)

 jacob was excited about the future baby-making that will be happening in the master bedroom;) NOT that we have sex or anything mommmmm;) Homer came from a stork's vagina;)

hardwood floors as far as the eye can see.

wide hallways.

the woodwork is in perfect condition.


the family who owned the house - actually, relatives of Jacob's - were nice enough to leave the record player and records for us. I am so excited to give it a modern paint job and spend most days with records playing:)

spinning and excited and happy and lucky:) 

this will be the only home Homer knows. The house we raise all our children in. Where Jacob and I will grow old together. It's an overwhelming feeling. Happy overwhelming:)

i know that this house meant so much to the family that left it. And I can imagine it's beyond hard to leave it and all those memories behind. We feel very honored to be taking on the task of bringing this house alive again. Filling it with children and celebrating holidays and birthdays and our milestones there. Making a lifetime of memories there. We're just so excited to have a home that was already filled with so much love:)

i will keep you all posted on the sale of our current house and moving to our new home and renovations. I can't wait to share this new chapter with you all:):)

another tid bit: we sold our car. Eeeeeek. We had this car and a little Jeep Cherokee (which we've kept)

long story short. It is important to us to be debt free. And now:) We'll both be 30 this year. We have purchased our forever home. We want to be able to travel. And just...go when we want. And make bad decisions at Target;) And do bigger things for our families. Donate. Be less financially stressed. 

as of March 1, 2013, we will be debt-free, except for our Mortgage(s). And as soon as our current house sells...we will ONLY be paying for our home and everything else...will be extra:)
I couldn't be more excited for what this year has in store for us:)

cheers to 2013 and getting everything you've ever dreamed:)
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