Wednesday, April 3, 2013

me likes: black bedazzled boot

i'm not sure that's what the kids are calling them these days...but these are a pair of boots that I've liked for some time now. I actually couldn't even make up one good reason why I need these boots...except that my closet is currently a family of 5 - heels, flats, sandals, wedges and boots. We'd like to expand that family and bring in a middlemiddle child (yes...that's a thing:)
The bad ass (not bad enough to get pregnant when she's 17 - Courtsssss;)
The smoker (she'll quit when she's 23;)
The rule breaker (and by rule breaker...we mean she dates one idiot but ends up marrying a guy almostttt as amazing as her dad:).

closet. Meet your new favorite child (cause you know they all have one;):

the black bedazzled boot.

below are 2 super cute examples, from Polyvore, of how you could make these boots work:)


Medium roast

keep in mind that it's SPRING! You may not believe me if you looked out your windows - if you are a WI resident:/ BUT Spring means no one but me is buying boots. SO buy boots. They're on sale. Most likely not in your size. That will piss you off. Try anyways;)
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