Tuesday, May 15, 2012

week 1:)

we have a one week old. OMG. Seriously. Just typing that and thinking it in my head...it still doesn't seem possible. In so many ways it seems like the last 7 days have flown by. Or not. There have been so many emotions. Probably every one. Crying. Holy Lord. I'm afraid Homer is going to be one sensitive child, seeing as all he sees is us standing over him crying all the time;)

we love him:)

homer had his first appointment today and I think our new family nailed it;)

1/ homer shit twice during the exam!!!!

2/ i didn't really time out his feedings too well prior to the appointment....sooooo he pretty much cried through the entire appointment and because he was so pissed by the end of it...they found us a private room to feed him in before we left;)

BUT Homer did so well, regardless:) He is perfectly healthy and we feel like the luckiest parents in the world:) Even his doctor was seriously impressed with his weight:

7lb 4oz (when he was born 5/8/12)
6lb 12oz (when we left the hospital 5/10/12)
7lb 4oz (at his 1 week appt. 5/15/12)

As Courts said: "right on track for the classic Smith/Zimmerman combo"
We make chubby babies:)

make a gif
UP how the photo shoot reallyyyyyy went down;)

i LOVE the photos we got today and Courts got them in about 10 clicks! Thankfully cause Homer (Jacobbbbb;) was soooo tired! So we didn't have time to get any family ones. BUT soon! And I think we're going with the one week photo and then we'll follow that up with monthly photos...unlesssss I get too anxious and make Homer and Courts take more pics. Which is completely likely;)

and now enjoy an over abundance of Homer photos:):)

 UP jacob and Homer chilling, waiting for the doc:)

 UP so many pretty flowers and cards:)

 UP we have a love/hate relationship with the car seat situation;)

and now that I'm FINALLYYYYY ready for bed...Homer's up and ready to eat:)

night night!:)
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