Sunday, May 13, 2012

homer's arrival:)


so a baby came
Um yeah.

and now begins a lengthy post...wordy. Lots of words:) I've also put some photos in there to help break it up. SO read...or don't read...or skim and look at Homer's handsome face:):)

i'll try to keep it semi-simple cause to be all happened so quickly that I feel like I forgot a lot and there was just not enough time to really comprehend what was happening.

230PM - Monday, May 7th
i start having very mild cramping...what I assummmmmeeee were contractions. But I was at obviously, I just pushed through and I had no plans (mentally;) to have this baby till at least Sunday, May 13th.

what I assumed were contractions, really started to increase throughout the rest of the night. Getting a bit closer together...about every 7-11 minutes.

230AM - Tuesday, May 8th
i was up about every 1.5 hours throughout the night and by this time I was not going to fall back to sleep. I now knew that we were having contractions and this was the 'real thing' but as always...I wasn't truly convinced this was actually happening.

i texted back and forth with Courts for about an hour. Contractions were more intense but surely nothing tooooo painful. Completely doable. Basically they were just strong enough that I knew they were happening, was able to sit through them and time them.

i call the Birthing Center. They reassure me that I'm doing great and that it's okay for me to stay home as long as I feel comfortable.
- the goal was to stay home AS long as I could to avoid having to be at the hospital for daysssss:)

i call in to work! At this point I was super excited to be getting off of work, even though I felt like the contractions would stop 10 min. later. Have I mentioned that I was in super denial?!;)

the contractions continued and increased from here on out. But I was able to get dishes done. Jacob got up and helped me clean the house, finish packing the diaper and hospital bags. I forced him to cut his hair because I couldn't stand the idea of our baby girl (yes...still convinced it was a girl at this point) seeing his CA-razzzzyyyy hair first thing after arriving! Eeeek;).

we're packed and in the car and heading to Courts. Contractions are to the point where I can talk through them but having to reallyyyyy find ways to get through the pain. They hurt. They're also lasting about one minute and happening about every 3-5 minutes.

seeing as I was STILL convinced we had 'time'. We stopped at Courts. After about 10 minutes and 2 contractions...Courts and Mom...and a very nervous Jacob...insisted we get to the Hospital:)

i had to tell Jacob to slow down a handful of times on the way to the Hospital. And 10 minutes and one contraction into our ride, Jacob insisted I get an epidural the minute we arrive at the hospital. I believe seeing me in pain was more painful to him than the contractions were to me;)
SIDE NOTE: I had hoped to try not getting the epidural. I had no problem with the idea of getting one if it came to that but I had heard a lot of negative things...

we arrive at the hospital and are at 4cm. I felt really good about this and the nurses were happy with the progress I made while at home:)

the 'plan' was to walk through contractions. Enjoy a bath. Eat lots of Popsicles. This did not happen. Not one of those things happened;)

the baby's heart kept 'dipping'. SO they wouldn't let me out of bed until things looked a bit better:(

because the baby's heart was still dipping, the doc decided to break my water. Everything looked okay after breaking the water but they still didn't want me to be out of bed.

i started IV pain medication to 'take the edge off'. Um. No edge was taken off and at this point I felt like breaking that bag of medication and slamming it. It was a hugeeeee waste of time, and I assume money! ARG!!

okay. Forget this shit. Give me the epidural. Contractions were unbearable. I know for a fact I would have died. DIEDDDDDDD!!!
They checked me and I was at a 6. I was progressing nicely:)


(one contraction later;)
lhaglkhaklghlkahgklahgflkahflk WHERE IS HEEEEEEEEEEEEE?!??!?!

i receive the epidural and it.was.a.breeze!!! Was not hard to stay still while having a contraction and receiving the epidural. The worst part was just waiting for the epidural to kick in and make the pain stop. But once it did...oh, lord. All was right with the world:)
SIDE NOTE: I will be requesting the epidural upon my arrival at the hospital for all future births:)

after that we just chilled. I was still having some pressure when the contractions came on. I could tell that I was having a contraction but there was just that pressure/discomfort. I assumed this was normal and continued hanging out with Jacob, mom and Courts:)

i voice my concern about the 'pressure'. It didn't seem like 'butt' pressure - as I'm told could mean I'm ready to push. More front, lady part pressure. Courts insists the nurse should check me. Me, not wanting to be a pain, decide not to make a big deal of it.

okay...serious pressure...maybe I should say something. Courts agrees.
Nurse checks me...Oh're having a baby. NOW!

courts and mom get ushered out of the room and the nurse says we're ready to push...the baby is coming!!!
Que the tears and me saying "But..butttttt...I thought I'd have at least till 5PM!??! - waaaaaaa". Again...I was in a bit of denial;)

i assume the position and push 3 times.

i had prepared myself for the idea of contractions. I had missed the chapter in the book about the pushing. Pushing...was shockingly painful;)

while in the assumed position, 7...SEVEN, people come into the room and stand there. Staring at my situation. I mean...out of those 7 people...2 were actually doing something besides standing there with their hands in their pockets. Did I care? Nope, not at all. Did I stop being in pain for 2.2 seconds to take note of the many, manyyyy faces looking back at me. Yes. Yes I did.

doc gets to the liking what he's seeing! Good for me for being so awesome at giving birth;)

i push 3 more times...
SIDE NOTE: the epidural in no way stopped me from being able to push when I needed to. I was able to feel when the contractions were coming on and was able to push on my own - which the nurses said was the best pushing they'd EVA SEEN!!!!;) betcha;)
I'm just really happy that I was able to get the epidural...have less pain and still feel incredibly part of what was happening to my body:)

jacob does an amazinggggg impression of my screaming during those last 2 pushes;)

Homer Nicholas Scott Smith is here:)

it seriously gets me choked up just thinking back on it. It was...the most intense experience of my life. The most emotional experience of my life. I couldn't hold back the tears. It was scary and shocking and beyond amazing.
When they put that little BOY!?! WTF?!?!?! Yes...I really thought it was a girl. For real...reallyyyyyy thought it was a girl!!!;)
When they put him on my words. Our whole lives changed in those moments:)

so that my the quickest version of my story that I could muster:) And yes...I'm spoiled rotten. I had an amazing pregnancy. Uneventful in THE best way possible!!! And then literally...5-ish hours of labor...only 3 of those actually being so bad that I thought I'd actually stop living;) And then a healthy, beautiful baby boy. Perfect in every way:)
I mean...for real!! I've never done ANYTHING perfect. I've been kinda good at stuff my whole life. Singing. Making enchiladas (but I only made them twice;). Answering phones. Being nice to people. But apparently I've found something I'm amazing at. Growing and bringing a baby into this world.
Hmm. Of all things to ever be amazing growing/birthing is going to be my calling;)?!?
REGARDLESS. I'll take it:)

and then there was Jacob. My rock and the only thing that gets me through most days. And he was exactly what I needed. Has been. Always will be:)

UP we got a photo of him sucking his 2 middle fingers...this is exactly what I did...from his age till abouttttt 1st grade! Eeekkkk!!!:)

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