Sunday, January 6, 2013

do as i say:)

it's a new year and with that may come hope to do something different with your days. Do better. Be better. Eat better. Dress better. I'm not much for least not as of Jan. 1st. I normally start a new 'resolution' every Sunday night;) BUT one thing I know I will never fail at, is trying to do better for others. 

i often wish I could do more...financially, especially. Like just make someones day and buy their groceries! I have often left the balance of a gift certificate behind at a restaurant or coffee shop for the next table/patron. Man. I like doing that one:) And it's something simple and my only hope is that the next person pays it forward.

check out My Little Mustache
head on over to her site to enter a great give-away:)

Adorable Blog. Adorable Girl. And an Inspiration:) She's doing some Encouraging it Forward posts/projects and I think it's just the reminder we all need to get out there and do some good...Daily:)

my thought is...after Sandy is just too short. I want to do some good stuff while I'm here. That's not to say that I won't still cuss like a sailor (I'm putting little to no effort into changing that...BUT baby steps;), spend too much at Target;), and fight with Jacob about something ridiculous. I have many a fault:) 

but I just want to try:) Make a conscience effort every day to tell someone they're doing a good job. That they look pretty or handsome:). That they made my day:)

POINT: don't be an asshole. Be nice. Do good:)
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