Monday, December 31, 2012

birthday boy of 6:)

i'm not sure I can say it any better than my mom did...I may not even try!!!!

t-bug is one of 7 children. Seven beautifullllllllll (inside and out:) children:) My sister, Courts and her husband Dave are responsible for those masterpieces.

i have a hard time coming up with something new and amazing to say about these kids every year - ONLY because they continue to be amazing year after year:). SO I'll keep it short (something I'm not normally known for;)!

t and my baby, Homer:)

helping us test our wigs for our Wig-Themed Wine Night:) 

t does the Robot...awesomely;)


you are the sweetest child. And you love hearing the story of how you have your mom's big brown eyes:) And you give the best hugs. And you will make an amazing husband and father....someday...far far from now;)
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