Tuesday, April 24, 2012

us and bump:)

this is going to be a supa' heavy photo post. BUT aren't those the best!? The ones where I talk less and you look at photos more!? Jacob would agree that me talking less has been a nice break for him...our walks have been calming for him;)

i couldn't decide on my favorites...SO many good ones! Thanks to Courts - Courtney Smith Photography - for doing such an amazing job...again:)
And just think...in a few short weeks...I'll have another post up - Newborn. Now you look at these photos while I tend to my anxiety attack;)

i liked the idea of the photos being more...relaxed. Just Jacob and I hanging out...doing things we'd normally be doing and Courts just snapping away:)

i'm in.LOVE with the photo above! I just can't believe how handsome my husband is - HOLY CRAP - again...I'm just getting used to using that term!!!

SIDE NOTE: i was having a "I'm going to cut you if you look at me wrong. My neck is FAT. Staring at my bare, stretch marked ass in the work bathroom mirror. Verge of tears" kind of day. Don't feel sorry for me;) I may have even sent Jacob the following text (make sure you don't allow your 12yr olds to read on...foul language was involved;):

"this day sucks. I want to go home and drink hot chocolate and go for a walk:( I'm still a fuc*ing beefer. And my butt is disgusting. So that's that. I still love you though;) At least one person (YOU) in this relationship is still good to look at."

this makes me laugh! But this text did successfully get me a super nice phone call from Jacob that helped cheer me up:)

tomorrow we are 15 days away from our Due Date. I can't describe to you how excited we are (although, there are many moms reading this who know exactly what I'm feeling right now:). In 15 days...or 13 or 20...we'll have a wee one...hanging out. Relying on us to keep it alive. No pressure;)

now...if you can handle some partial nudity...look on!

and when I say partial nudity...I mean super clean and cute...if you find this kinda thing cute in any way;)

i've been wanting to get a photo of Jacob and I, together, with our tattoos. It was harder than we thought to get into a position where you could see both of us AND the tattoos. Most of the positions Jacob tried had Courts laughing her ass off and involved him flexing...behind me. SO this is SUPA' clean compared to the direction he was going;)

i really wanted just a fewwww photos of the 'official' belly...hopefully we're all okay with this?! You didn't have to look away?! Run to the toilet?!;) But this is the real deal. What I roll out of bed every morning...what rolls ME out of bed every morning:)
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