Tuesday, August 3, 2010

anotherrrrr dress...sneak peek.

today marks 400 days till.THE.WEDDING! Can you freaking believe it?!?! I can;(
No, very exciting stuff. We're both super excited....it'll come just in time.:) And with today's 400 Days Till Wedding Count...I already set aside some time this morning to research flights for our Honeymoon and I will be looking up other randomness to get me more excited about the fact that we are inching our way towards WEDDING!!!

above is a little sneak peek of the ASOS lacy dress I got in the mail yesterday. It's probably the shittiest sneak peek you've ever been offered and I can hear the groaning from your home/work computers. BUT I need to leave a bit to the imagination. I mean...I've shown you about 3 of 4 wedding dress options...one surprise won't kill;)
I tried it on...it's fits like a glove. A slutty glove, a slutty bride glove?! My mom and Mal (my youngest sister) don't seem to think it's to risk-ay...they actually LOVE it. I'll go with that for now. BUT I'm somehow convinced that a 10lb. lighter version of myself can pull off this dress EVEN better.

my irrational thinking process: look less slutty = lose 10lbs. ON.IT.
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