Thursday, August 12, 2010

operation: flowers.

i'm sure I've mentioned before that the whole 'making mom grow me millions of wild flowers for the wedding' is not panning out to be millions. ONLY cause it's just Harrrrrdddd. *cue the fists on hips, puppy dog lip*.

so our back up plan is to run to a local farmer's market - and by local I mean I'll be dragging one lucky sister and a very lucky mom out of bed at 7a.m. so we can drive an hour the day before the wedding to look at flowers. Love me?!
But me and Jacob do plan on doing some research this year so that when we go next year...I have the list of flower names and we'll just be handing out a name to each person with me and then - all hands in - GO!

i hope our flower shopping experience is as adorable as Ben Blood makes it look in the photos below.
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