Monday, August 16, 2010

uh oh. david's bridal.

i'm kinda on board with a lot of brides who want to think outside of the box. And by outside of the box, I mean I don't want to shop at the same Bridal Boutiques that all my girlfriends have drug me too. And Psssssst. Have you ever noticed how freaking crabby those old bitty's are at those bridal stores?! I think I've had ONE good experience at a Bridal Store and that's not saying much when I've been in a few weddings, Maid of Honor twice (yes, yes I am bragging;). I'm guessing the marriage thing didn't work for them...or they hate happiness. Hmmm.

sooooo there's nothing too wrong with sticking to the options we have right in front of us...but for some reason, I'd rather say that the girls' dresses are from Goodwill than David's Bridal. No...for real.

below are really the ONLY dresses I liked for my girls at David's Bridal. I THINK it was David's Bridal...anyways...they are super cute and it's fun to see them in a very cool wedding on a site like Style Me Pretty!!!!
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