Monday, August 16, 2010

eat a tiny burrito.

this little pretty just reminded me of our food option for the wedding reception. Seeing as no one will be joining us for the actual 'wedding ceremony' there's really no pressure, etiquette-wise, to feed anyone at a reception. BUT seeing as we're super super awesome people (aka. Jacob is way too nice and I give in to his niceness;) we're going to make sure your aces get fed...maybe not to an 'I'm so full I could vomit' but to a 'good burrito..yum...that juice pouch really made it thatttt much better'.
below is a little sneak at what we're hoping to make happen. Cute little set-up...cute little burrito options: salsa, peppers, sour cream, cheese and ofcourse there will be meat. I'm marrying a meat man people!
and the soft shells WILL be mini. Mini is cuter ever time.
babies vs. 10 year old - baby wins
baby hippos vs. mommy hippos - baby wins
mini peanut butter at the grocery store vs. big ugly stuff - mini wins
I think you can see where I'm going with this;)

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