Tuesday, July 24, 2012

29 years.

my better half turned 29 today!!!!:):) Exactly 4 months (and one day) behind me:). Surprisingly, he was a bit stressed about turning a year older...which I wasn't expecting from Jacob. Usually, he's cool as a cucumber. But I assured him that 29 isn't soooo bad and that he only gets better with age:)

i had to get a few photos ON Jacob's birthday. SO here we are at 630AM (Homer and I woke up at 530AM...he was a bit too excited for the day to begin;)

in the photo to the right, Jacob's laughing cause Homer's face is ridiculous!! Still cracks me up!!!:)

and again...Homer's not too enthused about mom and dad gettin' busy right above him;) BUT he better get used to it because the years ahead are only going to be filled with more hugs and kisses and impromptu slow dances in the kitchen and hand holding as they kiddo's run ahead of us...

happy birthday to the love of my life:)
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