Wednesday, July 25, 2012

i will hold your pretty music.

homer. Jacob. thrifting.

3 things I.LOVE.

most recently I found this adorable little magazine holder and thought it'd be great for holding our records! YES. We have a ton of records and at the moment...a broken down record player. Poo:( Hopefully, that will be fixed soon!

only $1 at a local garage sale.

as a stay-at-home-mom OR mostly new goal:)...I could do lots of thrifting to keep costs down:)
I'm making a short list for Jacob...although, he's completely on board with me staying home...we just have to make sure all the dolla's make sense and we don't get ourselves in a pinch. I mean...if I stayed home...we'd be in a pinch...but we both agree that living a little tighter would be worth it to have me home with the kiddo's as much as possible:)

i'm SO I'd like to be turning in my notice...tomorrow. BUT we need to get a few things in line before that could ever happen. Right now it's just an idea...I'll keep you posted:)
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