Sunday, July 22, 2012

if it's yellow...

i was just telling Jacob the other day that maybe it was time to put my blogging days behind me. All I really talk about anymore is Homer. And I LOVE me some Homer...but am I boring you readers?! Maybe my posts on our daily lives isn't as fascinating as I'd like to think it is;)?

and I'm neglecting other things that I love. Fashion. Etsy. Home.;) With Homer around...there's not a ton of time to surf the web and put together more 'colorful' posts:)

for now I'll be trying to keep up with the blog. IF anythingggggg I find it helpful in keeping people current on our lives and Homer's adorable face...especially for those of you that we don't get to see often:(

BUT I promise that I'm going to be trying to be a little more motivated to find time for other topics. Homer's only a little over 2 months old. We've definitely found our footing but we're still trying to figure out where we can fit other things in. I'd like to add a little more physical activity to my day (running, maybe?!...) BUT when?! And I'd like to do some small projects around the house...BUT WHEN!!?? So we're still figuring out how to fit our old lives and new life, with Homer, together:) Soon we'll find a bit of balance, I'm sure of it:)

what's the point you ask?!;)

POINT: i like fashion and I've found a few minutes to search for inspiration for outfits for an upcoming wedding:) I can't tellllllll you how excited I am to:
- shower (I've actually become more lazy with showering as Homer's grown...ew;)
- dress up (there are such things out there other than yoga pants and sports bras?!;)
- leave the house with BOTH my husband and a family:) (schedules have been a bit crazy lately)
- watch lovely people get married
- sip a glass of wine:)

i've decided that I'd LOVE to go with yellow. The wedding is next weekend...I have nothing. I'm very much a black and white kinda girl. There's no shortage of neutrals in my closet. LUCKILY, I'm going to be in the Cities know what that meanssssss!!!! MOA:):) It's just a quick day trip over with my sister, Pigg and my mom but I'm certain I'll be able to find something:)

1 and 2 Piperlime

my absolute favoriteeeeee is 2. Of course....the most expensive. SO expensive. Very much unattainable. BUT that's exactly what I envision wearing to the next wedding:(

3 and 4 turned out to be less yellow than I had initially thought they looked. BUT they are the most breastfeeding friendly:)

and then there are 5 and 6. If the crotch in number 5 didn't look SO horrendous here...I'd probably be more on board;) Mostly I'm just liking the color yellow at this point and had to add that adorable top cause I love the top with those dark, perfectly fitting crotched, jeans:)

and there you have it...some fashion!!!!:)
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