Monday, July 16, 2012

homer goodness:)

so I take a few photos of Homer daily;)

and he's cute in all of them:)

 UP we had to text this photo to Aunty Pigg cause Mr. G was violating Homer's leg;) (Mr. G was a gift from Pigg:)

 UP homer and Mr. G love our walks:)

UP this is how Homer likes to sleep in his stroller. GET OVER IT. And please...don't try to move his head for me. I'd do it if I thought it was necessary. God damn people!!!!

 UP he's the best snuggler in the whole wide world...the day this stops...there will be tears...on my part:)

i keep a little journal for Homer. My sister's were the inspiration for that. It's something they've started for their children:)

about a month ago...already a month has gone by:(...I added a little tid bit to the Journal:)

"...we pretty much love you. It hurts. It brings tears to my eyes. I just looked at you. You're still hard to believe. 
You're here. Every minute of every're here. We couldn't be happier about this:)
Homer, we love you. And we're gonna love every bit of you till the end of time. And then longer."

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