Saturday, August 7, 2010

2300 should be sleepy time.

okay. Happy cause:
1/ this song - Gerry Rafferty, Right Down The Line. This song is just catchy and makes me dreamy for Jacob. He is this...he is these words. I am arrogant enough to admit that he loves me. A LOT. And I know he brags about me feeling the same way about him!

2/ we catered together tonight (part of his job/family business) and it was SOOO much fun. And a big part of what makes that so much fun is doing it together AND having leftovers AND bringing home extra cash AND leftovers...A.Mazing leftovers!!!

- An extra fun part about this catering job was that it was for a wedding in the area. And it was great to see something a little less standard than what we've been seeing lately. It was at a park with a huge beautiful white tent and the bride was gorgeous and they were all SO incredibly kind and had so many compliments about the food, which we supplied.
AND she did a mid-reception/after dinner dress change. It was SO cute to go from the big wedding dress to her shorter dancing dress!
Jacob's trying to get me to listen to something catering related...filling milks, getting ice, holding a hot pan, skinning a baby hippo?!?!? WHAT/?!?!?? Yes. I was THAT entranced by what I was seeing. There were shrieking sounds and all!!!

I think I sometimes forget that all this planning is real! That there will be a wedding at the end of this and being there to witness even part of a 'real' reception that reflected some really great things that me and Jacob have in mind for our own wedding...just got the blood pumping! Jacob had to hold me back from making out with him right there behind the green beans!;) Apparently that's not 'business like'...why is it that that only made me want to make out with him more!?!
And then Homer, Jacob's dad, sent me to one end to man the milk and Jacob to the other to stare at me;) You're never to old to have to be separated!!;)

3/ my cousin just emailed me and has some connections in Madrid and I'm BEYOND thrilled to get some in depth information from this person who is actually spending time right in that city!!!
PS. if you're not already aware, this is one of the many cities we'll be spending time in on our Honeymoon!! Ma-FREAKING-DRIDDDDDD!!!!

4/ i love Jacob:)

We had another, one of many...amazing conversations about our life we got here, where we're going and how lucky we are while on our walk tonight.
Yep. Jacob is it. He's just IT. (Frick. I all of a sudden lost all my love for this #4 cause IT is actually a serious nightmare for me and only reminds me of a horrendous beast clown who ruins lives of small children and their dreams of EVER enjoying fairs/carnivals or other kids' bday parties for fear of a 'beast clown' showing up to 'hang-out', aka. kill me. Yes. This is an issue. And not a small one. Do you SEE me walking over street grates to this day. No. I won't risk it).

5/ thought I'd quick add this last one in order to get my mind off of the nightmares I'll be having shortly that'll cause me to wake up in a cold sweat holding my ankle bumps. lahglkhLKGHAKLGHalk. FRICK!!!!

SO #5. We've worked out a deal with Court and Dave. We were nice enough to watch their dog while they're out of town for the weekend. Here is the texting that ensued and I don't know about you....but I think Courts is down with this;)::::
Courts: How's the dog doing?
Me/Jacob: He's dead.
Me/Jacob: Wait. He's alive.
Courts: Did you check on him last night?
Me/Jacob: Yes Mam! (while texting that lie we were laughing about how we actually forgot, that makes me laugh right now for some reason?!;)
Courts: GOOD!!!! Thank You!!! (we feel no remorse about the gratitude we are receiving under false pretenses!!!:)
Me/Jacob: You bet!! We shall take your next child in exchange. We've named him/her Vanne. As in 'down by the river'. You will now refer to your fetus as such.
Courts: You scare slightly.
Me/Jacob: That's my intention.
SO #5 is dedicated to our new baby child, Vanne.

i'd say it was far from a lame day:)

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