Tuesday, December 20, 2011

daily happenings:)

there has been a lot of randomness happening around us lately and so I thought I'd sum it up in one post...lengthy, photo-filled post:)

UP crappy-ish/homemade Christmas Cards were made and sent. I'm disappointed in how they turned out this year. Normally we get the puppies together and take a group photo but somehow we got behind this year. I blame our busyness...or a nap I may have took instead...or the baby inside me (good excuse for anything;).
Next year we'll have a precious little baby. So obviously, it'll be amazing;)

UP laying on the couch...watching the cat, watch the Christmas tree:)

UP with this baby on the way...I find myself wanting to get rid of any and ALL things that I haven't looked at in the last year. That means anything IN closets...is currently on the floor outside of them.

and I discovered that I have an addiction to shopping bags;)

UP thanks to my new, and somewhat improved, schedule...I was able to attend one of my Goddaughter's Christmas Concerts! Felt great to see a surprised smile on her face when I walked in!

UP/DOWN more Christmas Concerts:):)

and a little preview of what I have to look forward to when my kids decide they want to be involved..in ANYTHING...

UP/DOWN as of recent, I've been spending a lot of time helping out with the kiddos (kinda;)...always great to get some play time in:)

UP oops. Forgot that I picked up this dandy a few days ago! An old antique dresser for $50! It's going to serve as the dresser/changing table in our baby room. So excited about this purchase.
1/ cause I'm in love with it
2/ i...love it?!
Crap. It rocks and I can't wait to see it refinished! Going to set aside some time to start sanding after the 1st of the year!!:)

UP/DOWN i had a day off last week and spent the entire day PAINTING! Man. I can't hardly believe I actually finished it. I know me...and me normally starts these things and then before you know it, Jacob's waking me up from a nap and I cry to him until he helps me finish it (and by help ME finish it - I mean...he does it while I drink chocolate milk and eat pop tarts;).

SO pat on the back to me...and I loveeeee the color. It's just a super neutral/pale gray. And I seriously lucked out with the color. My normal/actual paint store was closed the day I went to pick up paint and so I just got a gallon at Walmart (gag) and I was so annoyed at even being there that I literally closed my eyes and pointed at a color. PHEW!
I feel like it looks so much more grown up than the old blue color. This is my evil plan to fool the baby into thinking we can care for it;)

Baby's Thinking Process: ahhhh. What a soothing, mature room color. These 2 obviously know what they're doing:)

and that my friends is the quick version of what's been happening;)

SIDE NOTE: OMG. 4 days till Christmas and I'm seriouslyyyyyyyyyyy excited!!!!!
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