Monday, January 2, 2012

T bug turns 5:)

UP we try and take each of our nieces and nephews out to eat and to pick out their own present for their birthday. A night all to themselves:) This year T picked TB and a toy:)

these kiddo's getting older is breaking my heart. I have no clue how my heart is going to handle my very own child getting older:( Yep. Totally going to be that mom crying at every birthday;)

Tayt turned FIVE on New Years Eve!!! This boy. Man. He's gonna be a heart breaker. Since he's been teeny - check out some seriously adorable photos on Courts blog HERE - I've told him that he's been blessed with his mom's big brown eyes. And just the other day...we were talking about his eyes and he says "just like my mom's":)

because of those eyes...he can't be told no. Nor can he be punished. End of story:)

UP not the best example of mom and son's identical eyes...but this is funny cause that's T in the background in his new favorite sweater:)

he's growing into quite the little man and Jacob and I couldn't be prouder. For quite some time...going on 11 years...these kids have been our kids and it's hard to believe that we'll be adding our own little one to the mix in just 4 short one-hundred and some days!!!

we can only hope that our little one gets a little of all the great in his/her nieces and nephews:)
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