Wednesday, February 8, 2012

week 27:)

today was another fantastic day. We had a doctor's appointment and things went smoothly. EVEN after that dreaded weigh-in. Shocking as alwaysssss. See results below;)
BUT with Jacob never hits me as hard. He makes me feel pretty (oh, so pretty;) and holds my hand and is there anything better than them grabbing your hand and smiling at you and making you feel like it just don't matter one little bit?! Yeah, not really:)

and besides that...I made my doc take off 2lbs due to the shoes I chose to wear to the appointment.

SIDE NOTE: if anyone wants to argue that Converses don't weigh 2lbs...BRING IT!!!!!

but things went so well. Hearing that little guys heart beat always...reassuring. I took that diabetes/glucose test and it was far from as awful as I'd heard. I must have been in the mood for a sugary drink cause it was actually quite refreshing (STILL stumped as to why I'm gaining all this weight;).

things have just been going so smoothly and I hope they continue this way. Our next appointment is in about 3 weeks and then from there...we go in every 2 weeks. Eeeek. It's seriously going too fast. Way.Too.Fast.

on to the details:)

due date
may 10, 2012:)

boy or girl
most are saying girl:) I can't wait to see what people's guesses are after we do our Baby Pool at the Baby Shower!

BUT if it were up to the Baby Gap...we'd go girl. Seriously...BEAUTIFUL things happening at the Baby Gap:)

the belly is greatttttt. Again...the 6th month has been my FAVORITE month by far:)
The baby is moving SO much...which has put a bit of a damper on this mama doing any napping. As soon as I lay down to snooze...this little guy starts it's daily workout routine. I envision some Friends - Phoebe Running. Maybe some jazz hands. All at the same time, of course;)

i can't complain though. I'm most definitely NOT complaining. Although, I'm still getting used to the sudden, more pronounced's amazing and seriously unsettling at times. In the best way possible. It brings on...some emotion...happy, happy emotion:')

sooooo. I thought long and hard about leaving this portion of my posts out from here on out. Why?! Cause...of...this:

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN (so far): 30lbs
today's weigh-in at 170. NOT.A.TYPO!!!!

the booksssss are saying that at 28 weeks you could be anywhere between 15 and 24lbs. SO...I'm about 5lbs over that marker. Which I'm not hating.
For real yo. It's the number. The number is...scary. I have 12 weeks to go and my goal of gaining no more than 40lbs is starting to look like a lost cause. BUT am I upset...did I cry? NOPE. This lady feels good and is just going to waddle onward (and hopefully 1lb per week from here on out..upward;).

wardrobe is good. Very good. Things are still working and the other day I found a dress in my closet that will work for an April wedding that I have. LOTS o' options:)

like the dress above. I LOVE that I could wear it works as a top now...and it'll work perfectly after:) Can you believeeee the difference in 18 weeks?! Insanity.

baby buys

until today...we'd been baby purchase free. And thennnnn Jacob spotted this little Brewer Jersey on sale at Shopko (which I can't find on the site)...and so it's now ready to be worn by our aboutttt a year:)

AND we got some snail mail. WONDERFFFFFFULLLLL snail mail from my cousin, KatieB:) And I wanted to freaking cry. I think I did. I may have. I'd have to check with Jacob. Yep. Yep, I did;) Two adorable little books (above - Love You Forever and Good Dog Carl - some of her personal favorites:) for the baby and I couldn't be more excited. And to think of US...and send something. Lordy. Me loves:)

i'll end this post with a little lovin' from my wonderful husband, of 5 months - today:), Jacob.

good night all:)
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