Thursday, March 8, 2012

week 31:)

we've arrived at week Thirty ONE:) Wowza. I don't have a ton to report. There seems to be a LOT going on. Which has really overwhelmed me. Not all in a bad way. But when you feel slower and biggerrrrr and way more tired...things seem to overwhelm a bit quicker. LIKE the fact that our living room is filled with baby baby...and MORE baby stuff. Crib, dresser, gifts, blankets (and more blankets:). And it's just a hot mess over here right now as we try and get this baby room done in record time. 7 days. FOR REAL!?!?!?

yes. We started the baby room Saturday and the goal is to have it done by...this Saturday for my Baby Shower with friends and family:) And you WILL be done!:)
Sneak Peek below:)

POINT: things are going well. It's starting to become more obvious to me - and probably those around me;) - that I'm pregnant. Say what?!

maybe I'm walking a bit slower, I always sound like I'm doing squats while I'm on the phone (the heavy breathing is super hot), dropping things is just something I do now...I drop it...I stop and stare at it...determine how important it is...and then I move on. Needless to say, most things that were dropped were deemed unimportant - the floors are littered with random shit;)

9 more weeks my friends and there will be a baby in our midst. This. Is. Exciting:)

due date
may 10, 2012:)

boy or girl
still feeling it's a girl...although, the room color now looks more 'boyish'...if you want to label it that way. BUT I'm loving it for our girl too:)

no clue on the weight. I think because I lost those 3lbs., possibly...I went a little food crazy and ate my weight in...everything...for 3 days following that good news;) SO we may see a slighttttt gain at the next appt.:)

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN (so far): 31lbs.
UP i am still able to get my feet, belly and baby off the ground;) 
PS. had to cut my face off cause Lia said it was 'disgusting'. 
What would I do without their complete honesty? - cry less?!;).
I can't say I completely disagreed with face looked about how you'd imagine a face would look that's trying to get 30 extra pounds into the air;)

as I've said before...I've gotten to the point where I just don't want to deal with hair ties around buttons and making sure my shirt is long enough to cover up the fact that my jeans are not buttoned OR zipped. Opps;) 
Fact is...I just want to be comfy. SO normally Jacob wakes up underneath a pile of clothes because my entire closet is on the bed by the time I leave for work in the morning. It's been...challenging;)

baby buys
one baby shower down...ONE to go:) It has been....EXCITING! And I'm getting things in the mail and from coworkers and now friends and family. Jacob, me and this baby are insanely spoiled and loving it:)

we are forever grateful for the huge amount of generosity. We could NOT do this without you guys:)

we've gotten a lot of baby goods so far:

- walkie talkies (AKA. baby monitors;): they can go up to 2,000 feet. Which is insanity...and awesome;)
- health care kit: for cutting the little nails and brushing the teeth...anddddd other stuff?!
- boppy pillow!!! YAYYYY:)
- play pen

and as much as I know you all love hearing the details of the gifts...I'll keep it short;)

because of all these amazing gifts...we haven't had to buy anything in the last week or so. Once our 2nd shower is over on Saturday, we'll take a look at what we've received and make note of some things we'll still need and then the buyingggggg will begin;)

UP at the moment our house is a bit of a disaster. This is ONE teeny corner of the living room and it's filled to the brim with baby shit goodies:) And then add in a crib, dresser and cradle...the living room is not relaxing to me at the moment:(

and then there's the baby room. The baby room that we started only 6 days ago. Holy crap. It's been fun and a lot dumb. BUT;)

keep in mind that we have gotten a bit further in our progress but didn't want to spoil the big reveal...coming soon:)

we can't wait till next week when I can put up some photos of the, mostly, finished baby room and some of the exciting things we'll be receiving at the Shower on Saturday!:)
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