Tuesday, April 10, 2012

week 36:)

SO THIS HAPPENED;) a girlfriend was telling me about how her lower 'situation' was sometimes...weird. We realized she was talking about her belly and I was talking about my vagina. So yeah. That was weird;)
But seriously...Situation = Vagina.
NOW we're all on the same page;)

what else!?!?!?
the whole time, I've had my sisters telling me about all these steps I would hit as my pregnancy progressed. I, of course, thought they were crazy people. They, of course, laughed in my face when I realized they were right. 
Funny thing...they've had a few kids;)
They said I'd get to a point where this belly took over. Did the shopping for me. Made shitty faces at people smiling at me for no reason. Rolled me over in bed. Dressed me.

yep. The belly did indeed...take over. And, I'm not gonna lie, it's exhausting! I'm getting the most sleep I've gotten in my whole life and yet this is still happening:

coworker: how are you feeling?

me: well...(being cut off)

coworker: cause you really look tireddddd (sad face).

yes. You are correct coworker. Thanks for bringing the bathroom mirror TO ME in my cubicle;)

but Jacob pointed out that I'd be getting a 'vacation' soon - as in Maternity Leave. He is now dead:(   ;)

in all seriousness. This pregnancy is rocking. End of story. I credit Jacob and this baby for making this the best 9 months EVA!!!! I had nothing to do with it:)

SIDE NOTE: mal and I were walking through the store a few days ago and a woman, about my age, walked by and said "Congratulations". And I, luckily, said "Hey, thanks!!" - with a genuine smile on my face (sometimes you feel like you're getting stared at all the time and you don't feel like acting like this is a massive miracle;). But something about her made me feel like that was just the nicest thing.
Mal and I walked away talking about how maybe she was having a hard time getting pregnant or couldn't have kiddos and was just happy for someone who was. I don't know. Whatever it was. It was nice:)

due date
may 10, 2012:)
30 more days.

there is one. What more can I say!?;)

online gif creator

sooooo month 5.5 and 6 and even early and mid 7 were magical. I think I'm cool with where I'm at and and have no plans on this body getting any larger;)

at this point we've wrapped up our Water Aerobics Classes. Which makes me super sad cause I LOVE being in the water!!!:( Below are some photos of me throughout the class. I believe the first one was from January and the third one from April:)

ummmmm. No comment?!;)

i'm honestly not sure where we stand on numbers at this point. It's been a week since my last weigh-in at the Docs and I was at 175lbs.
I got home that day and Jacob and I agreed to just go ahead and chill on any and all junk food and such for AT LEAST a week cause I have lots of temptations coming up with our MOA (Mall of America) trip. 

we then proceeded to eat out multiple times a day for the last week. We are huge, self-control lacking FOOLS!!!!;)

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN (so far): 35lbs.

I kid. It's not quittttteee that bad. But keeping my fingers crossed that the weather takes a turn for the better so I can get out my dresses and enjoy these last 4 weeks in style:)

baby buys
i had some Target Gift Cards and blew through those with the following gifts for our baby:)

just a few things that we 'needed' and the gate probably could have waited but there was just NO way I could go another day not having EVERYTHING we needed. I'm a bit anxious that way:)

 UP work bathroom fashion:) 

 thanks to Courts for more beautiful photos!!:):)

there's a PB&J calling my name! Night all:)
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