Thursday, May 10, 2012

we made something perfect:)

only a few hours prior to the first photo below, I was standing in our kitchen at home while having contractions 3.5 minutes apart...telling Jacob we should have stayed pregnant longer;)

within 6 hours...pain I couldn't have imagined (and have so quickly forgotten about already!!) epidural...and only 6 pushes in 10 minutes (YES...I'm bragging!!!!;)...we welcomed our first child into this world:')

i'm not even sure where to begin...and I can't right now because I need sleep. There has been none of that for 72 hours (and yes...I realize it will be scarce for the next...foreverrrrrr;).
But what I can that my heart hurt the thought of my family and my life with Jacob. And now when I look at our baby...something we did and have yet to mess up and is so incredibly perfect...I know for certain my heart will never recover:)

UP jacob and I between contractions...

 UP jacob and I during a contraction;) As you can of us is having a bit more fun;)

and then there was a baby:)

homer nicholas scott smith
5/8/12 . 104PM . 7lbs 4-1/2oz . 20-1/2"

there will be more gory details and photos to come in the coming days weeks (hopefully:). I can't wait to share with you how he arrived and how he came to be Homer and a million other photos and stories that are AMAZING to us and boring to you;)

with love:)
the smiths.
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