Friday, August 3, 2012

my main squeeze:)

as I type...Jacob's home with a screaming baby Homer and I'm working:( I hate that I can't be there to make it all better (which I could...obviously;).

currently I'm putting together budget after budget...and then another budget. MORE budgets. And googling anything related to "One Income Family's". I'm reading up on being able to live on a bit less - which isn't saying a whole lot because we don't live extravagantly anyway. But I've been able to read a lot of great tips and ideas and print off budgets and meal plans and doing all those budgets helps us to see where our money is going and get organized. Something we haven't been in a long time. 

SO by 'stay at home'...I mean work only 24hrs. a week. I'm jumping the gun just a bit by even mentioning this because I am going to my bosses on Monday to discuss my hope to cut my hours. Fingers crossed that it all works out in my favor. BUT I think the reason I'm okay posting this is because regardless of what they say...I WILL be making this happen...if I have to find a different job. I will. working only 24hrs. I figure I'll be able to be home...a LOT:) BUT still be able to leave the house and join some adults every now and again:) And by keeping those 24hrs. I'll have my foot in the door at my place of employment. I'm fortunate enough to work somewhere that gives me the opportunity to work weekends and nights and pick-up and cut hours when needed. 

wish me luck!!!


i never thought I'd want to be home full-time. Never. For real. And then Homer came and all that changed. I know in my heart this is the right decision for us, which is why I feel that we're finally taking our finances more seriously and realizing that we could be WAY ahead of the game had we been being a bit more...aware...of where our money was going. But I'm just glad we've got our heads on straight now and Homer is the best motivation a person could have:)

jacob and I have always felt strongly about never settling and always...ALWAYS doing what felt right. And this is right:)

sadly, every day I leave for work our little man continues to get older (I may have to stop paying my mom - who watches Homer when I'm gone - because I'm sure I told her this was NOT to happen. Homer was supposed to stay a baby on her watch;)
Most recently he's purposely blowing spit bubbles out of his mouth. SO adorable;) And he's able to roll himself from side to tummy. So proud of my little man!

i'll keep you all posted on how things turn out!!!!:):)
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