Friday, June 21, 2013

dad day:)

FATHER'S DAYYYYYY!!!:) It's been a great day for 30 years...since the day I met my dad. The best man in the world (hands down people;)! If you've never met my dad - then you're missing out - I can describe him perfectly...he's a serious blend between:

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yep. that's what I see when I look at my dad! Adventurous and smart! Crafty and so hugely talented and the biggest goof I know! The quiet underdog, capable of anything:) I can remember so many amazing family vacations out West, camping for days! I remember him having a hand in my school projects. A totum pole that was beyond amazing - possibly too amazing for a 10 year old;)! And running around the country block to prepare me for the mile I had to run at school and practicing volleyball in the front yard. 

he's the best and I see so much of that in Jacob. I can't wait for Jacob and Homer to have those memories together too:)

we started our day off going for a nice long family walk and then Jacob started making food for the cookout we had planned later in the day! He insisted...the kid loves to cook. And believe was...amazing!:)

while he did that, Homer and I went and visited my sister/his auntie, Pigg. I helped her with some landscaping while Homer played. 

after that...the cookout:) We joined Jacob's parents, at their house, along with my sisters and their families, as well as my parents. It was a beautiful day:)

mega Meg gettin' her swing on:)

auntie Pigg and Rowdy:)

my 2 favorite dads:)

 jacob and his dad:)

 i love Homer...and Homer;) having a little moment stare down and then Courts' serious photo bomb. Jeesh;)

 mega Meg is about 9 months old now...and crawling. We're afraid she may yet pass Homer up in the walking department! NO pressure Homer!!!;)

jacob worked on teaching some of the kiddos how to ride the dirt bike. He got that for Peyton when he was only aboutttt 7? I think? Courts, correct me if I'm wrong? But the kids did great!!! Even Lukey, who is only 5, ended up doing really well!:) Jacob did get quite a work out chasing running after them;)

homer was owning this little push toy! He was all over the place with it! SOOOO close to walking:)

photos with dad:)

 me and the new addition to our family, Rudy:)

because we just can't help ourselves;)

the process of getting a photo of...The Smith's;)

 me and my boy, Nasher:)

my happy place:)

 who's lucky enough to have 3 BFF's?!?! (and that's only counting the sister BFF's...I've got a few other ones out there, whom I love:)

and dad asked us to just skip the cards this year and just put that $3.79 towards his yearly Gift Certificate...we've created a monster;)

Happy Father's Day to our dads and baby daddy's and Pigg's future baby daddy;)
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