Tuesday, August 6, 2013

my heart has a birthday:)

my honey. my husband. my show-pony-love...turned the big THREE-0 on July 24th:):) 

i know he hasn't looked forward to the years passing over the last few years and has actually gotten a bit annoyed with it. I really hated the idea of him starting to dread his birthday!! I'm sure the majority of us would like to stop time in it's tracks...but since that shit just ain't gonna happen...we must embrace our birthdays! Celebrate them! Milk them out as long as possible;) 

this year, especially being his 30th, I wanted to make it something great for him! I surprised him the morning of his birthday by telling him that I'd gotten him the day off of work...by his reaction...that would have been amazing enough;)
BUT nope. I'm pretty awesome...so I then told him to get ready cause I had gotten a sitter for the night (thanks MOM:) and we were headed to a Brewer Game with 2 of his buddies! We also met and stayed with his sister, Renee, who lives in Milwaukee!

it was an amazing time and I think he had a smile on his face for 48 hours straight!!!:)



we cooked out and had a few drinks prior to the game...we didn't have enough time to get to the stadium parking lot but were able to do a little tailgating at his sister's place:)

seeing as the game was on a Wednesday, it wasn't too packed. But we had great seats and have promised we'll make sure to find our way back to those seats for any future games! We actually had our own waitress for our section! Which made getting expensive food and drinks...too easy;)

i think we broke records with the number of selfies we (I) took! Oops;)

it got a taddddd cold out so we hit up the stadium shop for some hoodies....and now Homer may have to drive an old Astro Van to high school and get a job in order to attend college!!:/ Sorry buddy;)

since none of us are heavy drinkers...we had a super tame night of drinking. Seeing as we are ALL heavy eaters...we ended the night with full belly's of Toppers. Nom. Nom. Puke;)

happy birthday to a man that I'm insanely proud to call my own. All I wanna do is make you happy forever:)
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