Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a bit of goodies.

i found some more beautiful photos on Christine Farah's blog...just some amazing photos and amazing inspiration!! Check out my super deep thoughts on those pictures below;)

for good or bad...more good...we have a small collection of wine corks. We (aka. Me) drink wine occasionally (aka. Often). And my soon-to-be father-in-law has an even larger collection. And when I say large. I mean...he drinks a LOT;)
I wish that our guests would be flattered to receive their VERY.OWN.....WINE CORRRRKKKK. But they won't. So now we just have a shit ton of wine corks. hard to see here but the ladies have on the cutest matching nude wedges. Yum.
i know I'll lose the whole 'dogs coming along for our engagement pictures fight' so I'm already throwing in the towel. But this actually looks fun:) IF only they'd just lay around the whole time. Not puke on rocks and shit where my foot will later be!
confetti. Your fun. I want to have our guests throw you in our faces at some point in the night. Hmmm. I'm booth prop!?:)
i'm a die hard blue lover. Not so much in my closet but out there in the world. This blue looks amazing!
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