Sunday, December 11, 2011


i think...wait...I KNOW...ASOS is killing it with their maternity wear. Me loves. Me must have:)

- this is my FAVORITE. And I think I must have it. The price is holding me back but IF they have free shipping both ways, I may have to order it justtttt to see if it would look adorable with AND without belly. I just can't invest in maternity wear that I can't wear after the pregnancy. It's too much:( Blah!

- a bit on the expensive side but I was thinking of something cute for New Years...we're having a 'fancy' night out...I don't care where..I don't care how..but Jacob's been warned I'll be in heels and a dress and we will eat:)
AND it seems this could be worn again...without belly.

- mostly cause it's pretty inexpensive and could be used time and time again...Jacob's unsure of the look though. "that's showin' off a lotttttaaaa belly" he says;)

- again...Jacob would punch me in the head if I spent this kinda money on a shirt. With horses on it. BUT I'm still a lover of any animals printed on shirts. It screams festiveness;)

- just adorable..add a, flats, tights or no tights...SO cute:)
AND I'm a lover of this length!

- way too expensive for this baby mama. But loving the black and cream and hello...teeny gold buttons?! You bet:)

UPDATE: free shipping BOTH ways. I think I'll be ordering the striped dress. JUSTTTT to see:)
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