Tuesday, December 13, 2011

week: 19:)

another uneventful week in pregnancy:) And I am not complaining ONE bit. Man. I truly do feel incredibly lucky to have had such an enjoyable pregnancy, thus far...one never knows if that'll change or what weeks 20-40 will bring:) I hope more boringness, for my sake...maybe a teeny bit of excitement, for your sake!

but all is well and we couldn't be happier. The talks on our walks (Jacob and I) has been a lot about names and what life will be like with a baby.
I worry a lot about the baby loving Jacob more. Mostly cause that's a TOTAL possibility. He's so kind and fun and laid back and lovable. Damn him;) But he insists that he'll be frustrating and stubborn and strict at times in order to insure that baby comes running to me 50% of the time;)

as you can tell...we have it all worked out...a flawless system. Now all we do is patiently wait for baby;)

read on for this weeks tidbits!

due date: may 10, 2012:)
they've bumped it up a day! Eeeeee!
This baby is literally surroundeddddd by birthdays...there's no way it will not be sharing a day with someone but all are great friends and family! I can't wait to see where he lands!:)

boy or girl: still going with a boy.

names: we've added a few to the list since last week but nothing really amazing...so I'm sure they'll be on the delete pile by Week 20. BUT I have been giving a lot more thought to middle names. It is important to us that each of our children (IF there are more;) have a family name. Something to pass on, if they so choose:) I have a family name and it's something I'm really proud of:

Casey Mae (M-Mildred, A-Arlene, E-Ewalt)
named after my great grandmother (my dad's grandma:), who was also born on March 23rd...and my grandma B's (my mom's mom) middle name was May.
As you can see...names like Mildred and Arlene are a bit hard to work in;) BUT we are determined to make that happen!

belly: there is a belly but whether you see it...I'm not sure. It really depends on the outfit at this point. It's there but still, somewhat, hide-able:)
I like to wear fitted tops...only cause I think they look the cutest and I see no reason to wear too much for loose fitting tops, which will probably only make me look THAT much larger. Blah.
But I'm in love with this little belly:)

nausea: none really. Lucky am I:)

stretch markssss: still putting thee lotion on every day. I have been noticing that I'm a bit itchy in the belly region...all.the.time. SO I've been trying to put thee lotion on as much as possible!!!
Then again...I think I discovered dandruff today...yeah, that happened. Baby is being pretty hilarious with the super acne and now super dry face/scalp and itchy belly. I wasn't happy with the tripling of my ass and now these symptoms. Not cool baby...not cool;)

weight: okay...so that scale last week may have known that I needed some good news before heading to Pizza Hut cause the scale jumped to 153 2 days later. Fo' Reallllllll!?!? BUT totally happy with that and still landing within my docs healthy guidelines. AND the weather took a turn for the better, so I've been taking advantage and getting this ace out for more walks.
To Jacob's delight...there has been a bit less talking on my part, mostly due to me being out of breath. Ridiculous to already feel that way...I imagine 20 more pounds and we will take silent walks to the end of the driveway and back and call it a day;)
TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN (so far): 13 lbs.

touch: i had a touch today...blah. It happens and what am I to do about it.
All the way home from work I thought about how unprepared I am for the attention that is to come with this growing belly. Right now, I'm able to go anywhere...unnoticed. I fear that will come to an end when there's a belly the size of...something big...leading me.
The stares. The questions. The awkward touches. The ME throwing out the fbomb and walking away, letting Jacob clean up my mess.

wardrobe: lucky for me, black is my favorite color:) And I think some of the photos from today demonstrate how flattering it is. Regardless of pregnancy. SO I shall be wearing my favorite color even more often, if possible:)

and I'm going to be trying to put more time into making what I have in my closet...work. I have a few days off coming up and I'm going to set aside some time to just try some things on:)
But otherwise...things have been going well in that regard. Everything IS tightening up. So much so that I may pop my baby if I don't retire a few pair of my jeans. SO...baby...you win;)

OH. I did purchase this dress, below, from ASOS. Hoping it arrives in the mail next week! It was more than I would normally EVER spend on any article of clothing, so I'm ONLY going to keep it if I think it'll look adorable with and without the belly. I'll report back:)

baby stuff: no purchases but I have found a few more cute outfits on Etsy that I'm trying not to think about:)

my mom, however, got one of my Christmas presents in the mail the other day and showed everyone but me and apparently it's baby related AND the cutest thing EVA' AND everyone seems to think I'm gonna love it.
SO...soooo exciteddddddd!!!

since Courts was SO sooooo busy this week;), my motha' was kinda enough to take a few photos for me!

SO excited to see what next week brings...oh, yeah...it's bringing us to the halfway point. Holy smokes!
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