Tuesday, December 13, 2011

because he's the best in the world...

and because I like to make you puke in your mouth;)

have I mentioned lately how impossible life would be without Jacob? NO?! Ridiculous. One thing we've promised each other so far in this pregnancy and a promise to keep after baby arrives..is to never forget where it all started:) Me and Him. Him and I. We believe in coming first in order to give our baby(ies:) the best:)

and there we are having it all figured out already;)

PS. we fully realize that things are going to be SO much different than we have planned/hoped/thought once this baby is a reality...here! We are 100% positive it's going to be hard and there will be 'tough' times.
Just wanted to point out that we're not pretending that things will be perfect, by any means. But we can't wait and we're both 100% sure we can do this, only because we have each other:)
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