Saturday, August 21, 2010

floppy hat and a pretty girl named, simone.

at the moment I do have a fedora. It's cute, it works but has yet to leave my bedroom. I was thinking of trying it out tonight for my sister's 26th BIRTHDAY!!!!;) WOHOOOOHH HOOO:)

and mostly cause I'll have worked 16 hours today and showered at 5a.m. and so a hat will be the only thing to cover my awful nasty hair and make it impossible for anyone to see the dark bags under my eyes. ALL while looking super fashionable;)

Roxy - Sandbox Hat $28

i DO love the fedora but because it IS so trendy and SO many people want them (currently me wanting another one and my cousin also looking for a great one - she's much more patient than I am...which is always a good thing:) BUT I'm leaning more towards the floppy look now. I like that it's a bit different and covers a little more area and I can see myself in something like this.
I can also see Simone, the service counter girl at Target, wearing this hat and rocking it way better than I could. I mean...I felt pretty good about myself until she had to be the one to ring up my ceramic piggy bank (gift for my new godson, Jax:). I mean...the girl was nice AND her hair was perfection. I almost risked completely crossing a line and asking her to take a picture with me JUST so I could email it to my cousin (who is the only one who would appreciate it;) just to show her how gorgeous this regular nice girl is!!! But really made me want to go home, change, let down the hair and start over!!!
PS. Added Simone to our list of girl names (for our imaginary baby). So Back.OFF.

Free People - Boardwalk Straw Fedora $48
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