Wednesday, August 18, 2010

it's all about the memories. for better or for worse:)

i sometimes feel like I'm giving all the goodies out for free...kinda slutty;) BUT I can't help myself. I just want to let it all hang out...okay...I do feel like I'm referencing a slut..for real.

BUT for real. I love telling some of the details...most of the details...cause I know things look a whole hell of a lot different on paper than they do in person. SO I'm just hoping that it blows your mind when you see it! And it should...but hopefully in a positive way:)

photos courtesy of Flip Video

this little video camera is what we're thinking of purchasing for my nephew, Peyton, to use at the ceremony. I'm liking what I see SO much that I'm thinking $150 isn't TOO bad to pay for something like this. Something we can keep forever and use on our Spain Honeymoon right after! And those accessories....waterproof case for $50 and tripod for $25. I'm thinking these are all a must and will now be added to my Christmas List for mom and maybe even a birthday present from me:)
Obviously, we'll have to have a back-up in case for someeee odd reason P isn't interested in taping the day of. Kids, distracted!? No wayyyy!;) SO we're thinking in that case we'll make sure to borrow...BORROW - to save massive amounts of money - a camcorder and tripod for a guaranteed recording of the ceremony!
Have I mentioned lately how much I want to marry this boy!?!?:)

photo courtesy of Style Me Pretty via Lauren Kinsey

me and Jacob have always wanted to have everyone there for our wedding ceremony. Don't get me wrong. We absolutely, 100% feel right about the small ceremony we'll be having but that doesn't mean there's not a small part that won't miss our goofy friends, BFF's and extended family. They've been a huge part of our lives together and separately but alas, you're NOT invited;) Mostly cause the thought of walking down that isle in front of all those people left me feeling nauseous. No lie. (another admission - the estimate for a dinner group of 125 ALSO left me feeling nauseous). So all in all...I'm thinking for my current weight loss plan, maybe we should have gone big?!?!;)

but to keep you all in the loop and share the magic of our day...we want to enlarge it and play it over and over and OVER again ALL.Night.Long. That way the shaky version of our wedding (that our 10yr. old nephew has been assigned to capture) will forever be with it or not;)
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