Wednesday, August 18, 2010

all is right with our world.

okay. I'll admit there are days when I'm not my super awesome self;)
There are a handful of days that I don't greet Jacob with a smile and hug at the door and more or less a good verbal lashing. Why you ask!? Well...that's just a super long and confusing answer that will leave you hating me!!! So I'll spare you.

cut to last night:
I'm out mowing the lawn. Jacob comes out and picks up the dog poo and I graciously help by yelling over the mower every time I see a pile coming up on my path. He appreciated it...I could tell by the middle finger he was holding up to thank me;) So all is well...cue the kissy face and 'I love you's'. As I'm coming up on 45min. of push mowing the lawn I breeze by the door (and by breeze I mean that I'm hair's falling out...I've stepped in MANY a pile of poo...I think of Jacob, smile and think...okay, this isn't' SO bad)...I look in the glass door and he's playing video games on the computer.

enter what used to be Casey but is now a viscous video game killing beast. For some reason just seeing him sitting there...playing video games while I mowed the lawn, clothes sat unfolded on the bed, dead bunny sized areas of dog hair on the floor, corn on the counter, dishes in the sink.....lahilghalktghklahtklhwkfgatf - (me LOSING.MY.MINDDDDD)....a wedding to plan, half the house still mid renovation...And WHY are you not outside painting the siding, or putting in a new patio...on your way back from buying me a McFlurry!!!!!????


long story short. The wedding is back on;) And we are MORE in love than ever. Oh, man. Even that makes me laugh!

believe me...I KNOW how lucky I am to have someone like Jacob. Someone who will allow me to rant when I need to and mostly cause I have no idea how else to get it out. Unhealthy, yes. But we make progress. We're always figuring out better ways to communicate.
I don't think Jacob will ever know how much I truly love him, how hard I try to be better, how hard I try to make sure I do have a smile on my face when he walks through the door cause I know that makes him the happiest. I'll always try harder for Jacob:)

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