Tuesday, August 17, 2010

happpppy new....

i already found THE perfect New Years outfit for the amazing wedding we have plans to attend this year...ON New Year's Eve.

BUTttttt that doesn't mean a girl's done looking. I'm VERY fond of some new things I'm seeing. Extremely trendy but does that mean I shouldn't give it a shot?
photos courtesy of: ASOS - tights and knee highs, Aldo - booty heels, ASOS - dresses

i was thinking of giving the knee high socks a try and I've been looking for an excuse to buy those Aldo booties...I mean...REALLY digging. Jacob is just TOO good. He has yet to do anything bad enough that warrants me to reem his ass, grab my purse and storm out of the house saying "I'm going to ALDO'S and YOU.CAN'T.STOP.ME!".
Nope. He's a very good boy. Damn him!
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